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EPIK Partners with Avakin Life To Bring Users Limited Edition Collectibles In Massive, In-Game, Solar Sounds Festival!

When it comes to producing premium digital items — especially NFTs — for brands and games, Epik Prime is the global leader and trusted company. It has already collaborated with some of the best brands and gaming companies like World of Dance, Spinnin’ Records, Tencent Games, SNK and Garena — just to name a few.

Avakin Life is the latest game company added to the growing list of Epik Prime’s collaborations, showing trust in its approach to producing unique in-game and digital assets. Avakin Life is a 3D virtual role-playing mobile video game that is available for download in Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. You can create your character according to your liking, design your own property, visit dreamlike locations, and connect to over 10 million players in this one-of-a-kind virtual world.

In this year’s Solar Sound Festival, happening in the month of July, Avakin Life has partnered with Epik Prime to bring limited edition collectible items to its players. The in-game festival will be attended over 15 million times by players all over the world, with Epik’s in-festival tent projecting to cater to over 3 million visitors. All players have the chance to receive a free, limited edition, collectible digital artwork designed by a renowned crypto artist by visiting the Epik tent. Players will be able to store the collectible on their Epik Prime accounts and immediately begin collecting the latest Digital collections on the Epik Prime Marketplace.

  • Download and install Avakin Life on iOS or Android
  • Enter the Solar Sounds Festival Village in the Social Spots
  • Find the Epik Tent, then find and collect the Gift Boxes
  • With every Gift you receive, you will also receive a code to redeem a free digital collectible named Anticipation, the first item in the Kaya’s Genesis Journey NFT collection.
  • Simply take the redemption code before it expires to www.epikprime.com/marketplace/redeem. After submitting your code, you either sign in to your Epik account or create a new one. Lastly, select “Add to my collection” and that’s it!

Also, while you’re at the festival, don’t forget to stop by for a selfie at the Epik VIP Area! #WeAreEpik

To know more about this in-game event, visit Avakin Life now! You can also visit Epik Prime at www.epikprime.com to be updated on the next limited edition NFT drop.



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