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EPIK Prime Membership & Staking

Introducing the EPIK Prime Membership and Staking Utility

  1. Access to member only NFTs and in-game items
  2. Early access to certain items like presale NFT drops and in-game items
  3. Special Pricing on select items
  4. Qualify for NFT and in-game giveaways
  5. Early access to the Lockr App
  6. Earn staking rewards
EPIK Staking & Prime Plus Membership


  • You’ll earn rewards in ETH while you have EPIK staked on Ethereum, and in BNB while you have EPIK staked on BSC.
  • ETH and BNB rewards are calculated in real time based on the price of EPIK and the price of ETH or BNB. The APY is a yield on the value of EPIK tokens you have staked.
  • You can stake on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at the same time with the same wallet; as long as you have EPIK in that wallet on each chain. Your membership status will be determined by the status level for whichever chain and wallet that you link to your profile.
  • You can unstake (withdraw) your EPIK at any time, however there is a cooldown period. (See FAQ for more related questions)
  • You can also claim your accumulated rewards at anytime with just one click! You will still continue earning yield on your staked tokens and can claim accumulated rewards again in the future.
Epik Prime Membership Levels and Benefits




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