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Epik Prime & Ready Games-Interoperability of the Epikverse

Epik Prime has a plethora of successful partnerships with premier brands and triple-A games since it started in 2018 and with the latest one in Ready Games, more users will definitely explore the immersive NFT space within the metaverse and engage in the digital collectibles market.

The Ready Games Network (RGN) is the leading platform powering the social economy for virtual goods in games. It is one of Ready Game’s flagship products with over 1 million registered players.

Epik Prime is thrilled to be selected as the exclusive NFT partner of Ready Games for the launching of their newest social avatar game — ICON : Avatar Fashion Universe. This will be the very first of many metaverses that will use EPIK technology to produce NFTs.

This is a very significant partnership not just for Epik Prime but also for the blockchain and NFT spaces because :

  • Enabling the digital goods economy in a mobile-first context remains a vast, untapped opportunity.
  • A new generation is coming into the virtual world, and is passionately interested in owning, trading, and making virtual goods.
  • Enabling mobile-first creation, distribution, and sales open creation to a vast audience.
  • Integrating blockchain technology with social front-end tools allows for trustless transactions at scale.
  • Ready Games is uniquely well-advanced in tackling this market opportunity.
  • Utility NFTs are coming, starting from Vladimir Nazarov’s fashion print NFTs in a mainstream game.

These facts are what makes this partnership exciting. Now you might be asking, how is the Ready Games Network able to deliver digital goods in their games? RGN is a platform enabling developers to power their games into social games and allows them to connect their games to the virtual goods economy, enabling creators to create directly from their mobile phones and market, trade, sell their virtual goods in these games, and players to engage in social hypercasual games and truly own virtual goods they collect or buy.

“We are enabling a mobile-first experience so that everyone, across the globe, can engage in the virtual good economy, either as a game maker, as a creator or as a player, fully democratizing the experience,” says Christina Macedo, COO of Ready.

The vision of RGN is that any digital goods from any game created using the RGN platform will be transferable and usable across the network of games. With EPIK Prime as the NFT technology solutions provider, true interoperability infrastructure will be created, among the blockchain and NFT ecosystem.

It makes sense that RGN is now part of the Epikverse. Epikverse is the fabric that connects all the digital worlds, and ICON is the first step and illustration of how EPIK is providing the infrastructure for the interconnectivity of NFTs behind the scenes across the traditional video game ecosystem. RGN is truly at the forefront of avatar technology and true social gaming by:

  • Powering a distributed marketplace where the creators and buyers of digital goods can meet and transact directly in the games.
  • Providing developers and creators with the backend and frontend social infrastructure that enables a virtual goods economy at scale.
  • Enabling persistent player identities, with ownership rights over the digital goods they’ve made or acquired across games.
  • Providing mobile tools that empower creators to easily make, distribute, and sell their digital goods across games.

    With over 2 million game creators, 1.3 million players, 10 independent studios, 2 fashion brands, and a blockchain wallet and NFT clearinghouse, it is expected that more users will now explore the wonders and benefits of blockchain technology, especially NFTs.

    Stay tuned for more announcements on the Epikverse.




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