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EPIK Prime Roadmap

Epik Prime is the global leading NFT company that specializes in working with giant entertainment brands and AAA games to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide. Epik Prime is also widely considered to be the blockchain industry leader producing collaborations for official licensed digital collectables, NFTs and exclusive Web3 metaverse experiences powered by an interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology. Clients include Tsuburaya, Warner Music, Garena, Tencent and Universal. Epikprime.com is a digital collectibles and merchandise marketplace and Epik Prime is a crypto token-based loyalty rewards program that offers new products, services, and benefits to token holders such as staking for rewards, gaining access to better quality in-game digital collectibles and exclusive NFTs, and much more. Token ticker: EPIK

High-level Milestone and Roadmap

High-level Milestone and Roadmap


  • Epik is founded and starts working with brands and games on a mission to produce premium digital items because we believed that digital items were the future of consumer products and would play a central role in ownership and the way we express ourselves individually.


  • Produces first-ever series of crossover collaborations for in-game virtual concerts and crossovers, laying the groundwork to becoming the global leading digital licensing agency for brands and games.


  • Builds and launches first-ever blockchain integration with a mainstream mobile game incorporating legendary Ultraman IP.
  • Exponentially grows its consumer audience through its B2B2C model working with the biggest game titles in the industry
  • Starts trailblazing with mainstream brands producing multiple collaborations with leading social games and metaverses way ahead of others (Avakin Life, Second Life, and more)

2021 Q1 & Q2:

  • EPIK token launches on Daomaker. Setting a new all-time-high record of participants.
  • Epikprime.com marketplace for licensed and premium NFTs is launched.
  • Crosses 300+ games and platforms, becoming the largest enterprise blockchain ecosystem in the world.

2021 Q3:

2021 Q4:

2022 Q1:

  • Releases multiple new features on Epikprime.com, including NFT Auction sales, and marketplace for P2P secondary sales.
  • Produces in-game collaborations with the Grammy award winning, Billboard chart topping, hottest new hip-hop artist Doja Cat.

2022 Q2:

  • Launches one-of-a-kind PFP collection with celebrity Danny Trejo, whose personalized NFTs bring mainstream games and metaverse utilities.
  • Confirms first wave of Epikverse partners, comprising 10 extraordinary metaverse platforms.

2022 Q3:

  • Introduces strategic partnership with a Top 10 social network.
  • EPIK Prime membership and staking launches on Epikprime.com

2022 Q4:

  • New mobile app product launch for Lockr
  • Release multiple new features on Epikprime.com, including Perpetual royalties, PFP collections, and much more
  • Release enhance features for EPIK Prime membership, including NFT lotteries, pre-order items, buy membership with fiat
  • Select Epikverse experiences go live with partner metaverses


  • Launch EPIK Prime membership tokenomics v2 (with enhanced deflationary tokenomics).
  • Activate additional cross-chain NFT compatibility.
  • List EPIK token on additional top-tier exchanges.
  • First wave of Epikverse experiences go live with partner metaverses
  • Expansion of the Epikverse with more metaverse platforms

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Epik unlocks digital worlds and enables the sale of premium, name-brand digital items; leading the way for brands to sell to new audiences. 🕹️🎮