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Full Avakin Life: Solar Sounds Festival Collection Dropping on Friday 13th of August!

The collaboration with Solar Sounds Festival was truly one-of-a-kind and an innovative breakthrough for Epik Prime and the blockchain gaming industry as a whole. Millions of players attended the amazing virtual event sponsored by Epik Prime, which resulted in high volumes of users flooding into the Epik Prime Ecosystem to start their journey as NFT collectors through in-game digital collectible drops! This in-game event proves to us that gamers are now open to engaging in the digital collectibles market.

With the massive success of the first NFT collection, Avakin Life and Epik Prime will be dropping another exciting Solar Sounds Festival collection this Friday the 13th of August titled “Kaya’s Genesis Journey

It is a 5-piece NFT Solar Sounds Festival Collection from Epik that follows Kaya’s journey through a Music Festival to the Moon.

Here are the details you should know about this NFT drop happening on August 13, 2021:

Name: “Anticipation”

Description: Kaya braces herself, barely containing her excitement as she gets ready to party and begin her festival journey of radical self expression.

Price: $7

Quantity: 2,000,000

Name: “Impression”

Description: Kaya shows off her dazzling personal style and free spirit as she steps out into the night, destined to be the most eye-catching star of the party.

Price: $197

Quantity: 50

Name: “Vibration”

Description: Kaya visits the Boombox, the fabled destination of sight and sound that liberates the inner spirit.

Price: $197

Quantity: 50

Name: “Sensation”

Description: The Boombox launches to the moon and Kaya gives herself up in the moment.

Price: $197

Quantity: 50

Name: “Evolution”

Description: Kaya emerges from the Boombox powerful and free from all doubt, ready to achieve anything she sets her mind to in this ultra-exclusive scene.

Price: $197

Quantity: 50

Unlike the first drop wherein a total of 500 users can own the entire collection, this time around, only 50 users have the chance to complete this series. With the projected millions of users showing interest to own the collection, it could only be a matter of hours before it gets sold out!

Don’t miss out your chance to own this extremely limited digital collection brought to you by Avakin Life and Epik Prime! Be sure to download the latest version of the game on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

Visit www.epikprime.com to explore our Epik Prime Marketplace and know more about limited edition NFTs.




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