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How To Buy NFTs On The Epik Prime Marketplace

Looking to purchase NFTs from the Epik Marketplace? Follow the instructions below…
Firstly, if you haven’t already, be sure to create your free Epik Marketplace account here: www.epikprime.com/marketplace

How to Redeem Codes on epikprime.com

Redemption Codes

We know that a lot of our users will be coming directly from our gaming partners to add their in-game collections to their Epik account!

So let’s start with redemption codes. If you have received an in-game redemption code for the Epik site, head over to the marketplace home page: www.epikprime.com/marketplace, and on the bottom right of your screen you’ll see the button “Have a redemption code? Click here”.

Go ahead and enter your redemption code here, and then simply add the item to your collection!

Shopping Around The Epik Marketplace

You’ll be able to see all of our collections directly on the marketplace homepage.

To view an entire collection simply click “See Collection” above the carousel of NFTs.

This will take you straight through the items in the collection where you can simply add items to your cart and make your purchases!

To see all the details of a particular item, simply click on the item to open up the item’s details page.

Here you will be able to view the NFT in full screen, and add the item to your cart. To view your cart and complete your checkout, simply click on your cart in the top right of your screen!

You will be able to purchase your item on site using your debit/credit card, or by linking your Metamask wallet and paying with ETH!

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be able to click “My Items” on your purchase confirmation page, or ‘Profile’ in the top right, to view your collection!

Inside of your profile you will be able to view your collections, manage your profile and see your purchase history!



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