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IGG Games Launch the Kingdom Smiles Collaboration Event in Lords Mobile

IGG Games, maker of the multi award-winning game Lords Mobile with over 500 million players across the world, teams up with Epik Prime to launch an in-game crossover with the Smiley Company, the lifestyle brand and original creator of the iconic smiling emoticon now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In this collaboration, SmileyWorld branded NFT digital items will appear in the game Lords Mobile for a limited time starting on September 30, 2022 until October 09, 2022. During the Kingdom Smiles event, an exclusive Smiley Area and Shop will be available for players. Participating in various activities provides special chests and Smiley coins that can be exchanged for unique SmileyWorld themed emoticons and avatars. These exclusive items will only be available throughout the duration of the event and can only be purchased using the event shop and Smiley currency. Players will also be able to see the famous Smiley icon integrated in the game world via shields and visual effects.

Not only will players be able to unlock these unique and exclusive items in-game, doing so will also award players a code to redeem the same item as a digital collectible NFT on the Epik Prime Marketplace. The items in-game will remain in the user’s account even after the event ends. Lords Mobile is available on multiple platforms and app stores.

Download and play Lords Mobile now by visiting this link and receive a $350 in-game gift pack: https://g.igg.com/8mGUUn

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how you access the Kingdom Smiles event as well as how to redeem the NFTs on epikprime.com once you’ve unlocked the emoticons and avatars.

Covered in the Media

Bringing Smiles to games

This isn’t the first time that the Smiley Company has partnered with Epik. In April of 2022, SmileyWorld also collaborated with Ready Games. Creating the Smiley World collection of digital apparel for the web3 Avatar Fashion Universe, ICON. Read about it here.

About IGG

IGG Inc. is a renowned video game developer and publisher dedicated to bringing amazing games to gamers all over the world. Since opening our doors in 2006, we have created over 20 original games for mobile, web, and PC, and are proudly serving players in over 200 countries.

IGG offers free-to-play mobile games in 23 different languages which have garnered critical acclaim and won prestigious awards. Right from the start, the IGG has aggressively pursued the global market. Its strategic direction and plans have always focused on achieving the goal of becoming a global leader in the gaming industry that produces games loved by players around the world. Embracing the corporate spirit of “Innovators at Work, Gamers at Heart”​, IGG is dedicated to creating high-quality and enjoyable games that will stand the test of time.

About Smiley

The Smiley Company helped to create a new universal language in the late ’90s, launching the “Smiley Dictionary” — a list of Smileys which transformed ascii emoticons into something understandable to all.

Smiley’s emotions have gone on to have an essential place in our society today, helping kids learn about themselves and their emotions (emotional intelligence). This became the starting point for how we use Smileys in technology and influenced the digital language we now use every day. Giving us a way to tell each other how we are feeling in a shorthand that is not easily expressed through traditional dialects.

Smileys helped revolutionize technology, instigating a digital trend that now sees billions of them sent every day. Their legacy was a new brand made up entirely of thousands of expressive emotions, and by turning this innovation into an artform, SmileyWorld continues to create engaging products and promotions for market-leading partners that provide a unique platform for self-expression.

About Epik

With more than 300 video game clients, Epik is the leading global licensing agency putting brands into video games to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide with the largest digital ecosystem with hundreds of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. Epik is widely considered to be the blockchain industry leader producing collaborations for premium licensed digital collectables, NFTs and exclusive experiences powered by an interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology. Epik was the first and only NFT company to do any deals with AAA gaming companies for NFTs. Clients include Warner Music, Garena, Tencent and Universal. The EPIK Prime token powers a unique loyalty reward program that grants members exclusive NFT benefits and rewards. Token ticker: EPIK

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