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Welcome to the Ultimate Web3 Powered Reward and Recognition Program

Bookmark this page! This page contains comprehensive list of Prime NFTs and rewards.

Prime NFTs are remarkable NFTs created by Epik that form an integral part of the Epik Prime rewards program. Prime NFTs, together with EPIK token, imbue Epik, its products, and its partners with an extremely powerful tool for recognizing and rewarding engaging fans and loyal customers.

Prime NFTs operate like badges, however with the added benefit and utility of being NFTs on blockchain. Users acquire Prime NFTs through various engagements across the entire Epik ecosystem (Lockr, Epikverse, metaverse worlds, game crossovers, brand activations, and more).
Through this integrated reward system, Prime NFTs become a powerful force to foster community.

Partners and Brands may leverage our collective Epik Prime rewards program to further enhance their own initiatives while opening the door to more web3 powered opportunities.

Working in a collaborative effort with Binance, the entire collection of Prime NFTs are minted on BNB Chain. EPIK token rewards are also issued on BNB Chain.

To view the collection of Prime NFTs visit:

Incentives and rewards

Every Prime NFT comes with its own native reward built into it. Users that first earn a Prime NFT will receive it’s initial built-in reward. By possessing a Prime NFT, users will also continue to receive ongoing rewards, AND qualify for additional rewards related to owning that Prime NFT or combination of Prime NFTs. Put simply, earning certain combinations of Primes will also qualify you for super rewards.

As a general rule of thumb, both the Prime NFT and its initial associated rewards will be transferred to the participant within 10 days following the month the action was taken to earn the Prime. (Prime NFTs are transferrable but all rewards will be issued to the account holding the Prime NFT on the last day of the receiving month “snapshot date”. Accounts may require linking a crypto wallet. You will NOT receive any rewards if you fail to complete any requirements prior to the snapshot date).

See the Table at the top of this page for a complete listing of Primes and instructions to redeem your rewards.

About Lockr

Lockr is your answer to help bridge your collections of digital items and NFT items. Lockr combines all of your digital items, in-game items, and NFT items into an interconnected, social, and simple to use solution.

About Epik

With more than 300 video game clients, Epik is the leading global licensing agency putting brands into video games to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide with the largest digital ecosystem with hundreds of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. Epik is widely considered to be the blockchain industry leader producing collaborations for premium licensed digital collectables, NFTs and exclusive experiences powered by an interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology. Epik was the first and only NFT company to do any deals with AAA gaming companies for NFTs. Clients include Warner Music, Garena, Tencent and Universal. The EPIK Prime token (EPIK) powers a unique loyalty reward program that grants members exclusive NFT benefits and rewards.

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EPIK Prime Team
EPIK Prime

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