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Lunar Victory: Asphalt 9 Legend’s Exclusive 5th NFT Piece

On July 5th, 2021, Epik Prime Marketplace was launched and one of the first brands to drop their NFT sets in the marketplace was Gameloft for Brands and the world’s most popular mobile racing video game Asphalt 9: Legends. The initial drop features Kenzo’s Genesis Journey — a five (5) part short animated video series telling the story of our EPIK Prime Mystery Racer’s race to the moon.

Lunar Victory: Asphalt 9 Legend’s Exclusive 5th NFT Piece

Only players who have purchased the first 4 short video NFTs of Kenzo’s Genesis Journey are qualified to own the ultra-rare, limited edition 5th video NFT — the “Lunar Victory” — depicting Kenzo’s win on the barren landscape of the Moon which can be purchased on the Epik Prime Marketplace. This entire NFT collection is created by one of the acclaimed crypto artists today, Rolands Z.

Here are important details you MUST know about this exclusive NFT piece.

  • Only qualified user accounts verified by our tech team can purchase the NFT once the event is active. They will receive an email containing instructions on how they can unlock their reward and complete the entire collection.
  • The Lunar Victory NFT will only be unlocked for 5-days from the start of the event date. The Start Date is November 8, 2021, at 12:00 PM UTC
  • The coveted Lunar Victory NFT can only be purchased on the Epik Prime Marketplace. https://epikprime.com/marketplace
  • Qualified user accounts will be whitelisted to enable access to purchase the item. Simply log in to your Epik Prime account during the event period and check Kenzo’s Journey Collection to purchase the Lunar Victory NFT.

This partnership between Epik Prime and Gameloft for Brands was a groundbreaking event that brought together for the first time, a mainstream AAA game together with NFTs. Stay tuned for more amazing collaborations and exclusive NFT drops like this!




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