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Ready Games ICON’s Storefront NFT Collection Drops at DCentral Miami

The Ready Games has partnered with the global leader in IP licensing connecting brands with top-tier games, Epik Prime, to provide the blockchain & NFT solutions for their first-ever metaverse title, ICON: Avatar Fashion Universe.

With the app’s successful launch on November 4th, 2021, and as part of its growing metaverse, ICON will be pre-selling pieces of the ICON Marketplace as NFTs during the DCentral Miami conference — a first-of-its-kind experience! Below are the details you need to know about this unique NFT drop.

  • The NFTs are only available for auction from November 29th, 9 AM EST to December 3rd, 11:59 PM EST.
  • Only 1 piece for each of the 6 NFTs will be available.
  • The NFTs are pre-sold through Epik Prime Marketplace.
  • Users who purchased the NFTs through auction are able to own the entire storefront inside the ICON game.
  • If an in-game player uses the hashtag in ICON, the NFT storefront owner will earn commission in the form of in-game currency.
  • The Storefront feature of the ICON game will be available to players in 2021.

Without further adieu, we would like to introduce you to the one-of-a-kind in-game NFTs of ICON.

NFT 1: #OOTD ​​​(Epik Tier)

NFT 1: #OOTD ​​

Minimum Bid Price: $997

Quantity: 1

Description: Own a piece of the most influential ICON marketplace. This is where trends and fashion statements are made!

NFT 2: #highheels (Gold Tier)

NFT 2: #highheels

Minimum Bid Price: $397

Quantity: 1

Description: One of the most iconic modern fashion styles — corner the market on everything from stilettos to thigh highs!

NFT 3: #dresses (Gold Tier)

NFT 3: #dresses

Minimum Bid Price: $397

Quantity: 1

Description: Dressing Up, dressing down, it doesn’t get much more timeless or versatile than this storefront!

NFT 4: #fashionhaul (Silver tier)

NFT 4: #fashionhaul

Minimum Bid Price: $197

Quantity: 1

Description: Nothing like showing off a newly purchased haul! Own one of the key social merchandising trends today!

NFT 5: #streetfashion (Silver tier)

NFT 5: #streetfashion

Minimum Bid Price: $197

Quantity: 1

Description: If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready — especially if you own the Street Fashion Storefront.

NFT 6: #outfitinspo (Silver tier)

NFT 6: #outfitinspo

Minimum Bid Price: $197

Quantity: 1

Description: What to wear? Own the go-to Storefront where players shop for style and looks to recreate themselves!

Since the entire NFT collection is being auctioned and only one (1) piece is available for each NFT, owning the entire collection is an ultra-rare feat.

Knowing that you will be owning an NFT storefront inside the ICON metaverse that uses EPIK Prime’s technology to produce NFTs, you can expect a high value on this collection, aside from its exclusivity. Owning one of the storefronts makes you feel you own a portion of the game — which is the best thing about this drop!

Visit the Epik Prime Marketplace at https://epikprime.com/ to see the latest NFTs we’ve released and get a chance to own exclusive and limited-edition items.




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