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That’s why we’re Epik

Epik produces the world’s premium digital items and merchandise. We bring mainstream adoption to blockchain and NFTs, by onboarding millions of consumers.

An Epik win

Being in the game since 2018, Epik is the world’s leading digital agency already producing unique in-game drops worth millions of dollars. Our community sees collections of digital items as representations of unforgettable memories, that can be shared and re-experienced together. They often convey attributes such as status, membership, performance record, class and identity, carrying a significant sentimental value.

Epik leads the industry when it comes to introducing blockchain technology to mainstream gaming companies. We represent 250+ gaming companies and with access to 1,000+ brands to create a seamless technical platform for NFT trading and digital ownership to 600+ million monthly active users. We work with Top 20 video game companies such as Tencent and Garena, and global brands like Warner and Universal.

As the leading digital ownership agency, we also help solve the pain and complexity of licensing agreements between all parties, easing the process for all parties involved. At Epik, we strongly believe in win-win solutions.

The Epikverse

Since our humble beginnings, we have acquired considerable expertise in the field of NFTs. The Epikverse consists of our network of games, VR spaces, and metaverses, that can communicate with each other. Epik can leverage its extensive web of clients to produce unique digital items and memories, interweaving real life and digital experiences within video games and apps.

Our recent collaboration involved the #1 mobile MOBA game “Arena of Valour”, and Ultraman — a legend in Japanese Anime and Manga, its origins dating back 50+ years. AoV has accumulated over 200 million users and is available to download in almost 150 countries.

We’ve brought major brands including Sony, DMG, Ultraman, and World of Dance into virtual worlds and we are not planning to stop, until we reach our goal of bridging the digital world with real-life.

If you would like to be part of this journey, follow Epik on Twitter and join our Telegram communities for Epik news and rare drops.




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EPIK Prime Team

EPIK Prime Team

Epik unlocks digital worlds and enables the sale of premium, name-brand digital items; leading the way for brands to sell to new audiences. 🕹️🎮

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