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The Cartel NFT Collection

Razor Edge Games’ First NFT Collection for Eden Falling, The Cartel, Coming Soon To Epik Prime

Earlier, we announced that the indie game developer Razor Edge Games is working in conjunction with Epik Prime, the leading global licensing agency placing brands into games, to bring its game’s personalities to life with unique NFTs containing utilities in various forms within the turn based, multiplayer, sci-fi, survival RPG Eden Falling.

PS: Read Below to learn about special bonuses and rewards for collecting NFTs

Now, let’s take a look at the first set of NFTs in the collection, featuring the faction known as, the Cartel.

Meet The Cartel

Marcus Beckett (Director)

Marcus was an analyst and machine programmer before
being recruited for The Cartel by [REDACTED] in 34AF,
becoming Director in 40AF. He is analytical and has
negotiated dozens of treaties and trade deals between
rival factions in his career. He views society as a great
machine. “If the machine is set up properly, it doesn’t
matter where the parts came from. They can all work
together in harmony.” His detractors often use that line
against him, insinuating that he has a habit of
dehumanizing people.

As Director, Beckett is the face of The Cartel for the
public. He is considering retirement in the near future.

Sophia Hernandez (Deputy Director)

The nickname “Beckett’s Shadow” refers to Sophia’s skill set
being the polar opposite of the Director’s. Where he is caring,
she is distant and unfriendly. He is competitive; she is efficient.
When he makes promises, she makes sure he can keep them.

Lucy Russo (Field Agent)

An asset is a general term referring to civilian agents who
operate on behalf of Cartel interests. These assets receive
payment for their service in various ways but operate
discreetly and maintain their positions in their respective
settlements or organizations.

Christine Locke (Chief of Staff)

While championing the various causes of the oppressed,
Christine will do so from the finest restaurants and nightclubs.
She has expensive tastes in food and clothes and craves
attention and adoration from those she is helping, her peers,
and the media.

John Manners (Chief Operations Officer)

The Quartermasters of The Cartel’s primary task is to ensure
that their assigned field agents have access to any resources
they may need in the course of their duties, including but not
limited to: Weapons and armor, Food, training simulations,
safehouses, and CartNet access nodes where available.

Bonus Rewards:

Bonus 1: Leader Figurine

Earn a real-life physical statuette of one of the faction leaders!! Collect one of every NFT edition in the set earns you this wonderful collector prize. (The Cartel set contains 5 characters with 4 rarity making a total of 20 unique NFT editions).

Bonus 2: Become an NPC in the Game

With every NFT you purchase, you earn a multiple of raffle tickets that are entered into the draw towards the winning prize of becoming an NPC character in the actual game!

Move over pay to win. Everyone has a chance to win this amazing in-game NPC experience.

Only five (5) lucky winners stand a chance to win. Draw-date will be announced in the near future, so get your hands on the NFTs while you still can. Follow our socials for the latest announcements.

The Afterfall is a world of many dangers and challenges in your constant fight for survival. In the Afterfall, the survival of your character depends on your collection. The more you collect, the more valuable they become. Life in the Afterfall is very unforgiving, so make it count or risk losing it all!

About Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games is an independent gaming studio with a diverse collection of artists and gamers from around the world, based in Gilbert, Arizona. Their mission is to create replayable, content-driven experiences fueled by innovation. REG independence means not having to adhere to flashy trends, stuffy board members, and corporate Yes-Men who rehash the same tiring games over and over. Their vision is to take the gaming experience far beyond traditional industry norms, aiming to give gamers full control of their own experience.

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