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The Epikverse Arrives to Orbofi!

The Epikverse is the digital realm that unifies metaverses, games and web3 platforms.

Epik’s groundbreaking blockchain technology allows the Epikverse to bring shared experiences across a vast array of metaverses. Creating unique and seamless “micro-verses” between different video games and platforms for a sleek and user-friendly experience wherever the Epikverse exists.

Through the Epikverse, users will be able to buy, sell and trade their digital collectibles and NFTs, or even view live virtual events and concerts with their friends regardless of whichever platform or game that they are currently logged in.

Epik Prime invests resources, technology and IP licenses to build ecosystems within each metaverse, making all of this possible. Epik aims to bring this unique shared user experience to more than 1 billion gamers around the world.

Epikverse x Orbofi

As one of the first wave of projects to be announced, Epik is partnering up with the Social Metaverse platform Orbofi to create a unique entertainment area within the world that will bring leading brands, video games, sports personalities and celebrity collaborations for all to enjoy.

Build this virtual world as you wish. No limits.

Orbofi is the world’s first Social Metaverse crossed with social tokens, that empowers individuals, communities, brands, DAOs, and game developers to create their own virtual lands and grow their communities to build new virtual experiences and most importantly, earn from them.

The Lands, community-token contracts and virtual worlds are deployed on EVM blockchains, starting with Ethereum, Polygon, and BNBChain.

The HomeLand is the initial open virtual land and the starting point of the Orbofi social metaverse. The more communities that are formed and virtual worlds/experiences created on top of them, the more land gets unlocked, until all lands get minted to form multi-chain hexagonal globes. A massively open and expanding virtual world imagined and created by people, owned by their people, and monetized by their people.

Whether you’re creating a private metaverse group or a public metaverse community, you can build it in seconds using an intuitive user-friendly drag-and-drop system. Orbofi is gamifying and incentivizing real-time social interaction.

Orbofi preview
Epikverse preview | Orbofi

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EPIK Prime Team

EPIK Prime Team

Epik unlocks digital worlds and enables the sale of premium, name-brand digital items; leading the way for brands to sell to new audiences. 🕹️🎮