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The Epikverse is coming to Pax.World!

Epikverse Brings Interconnectivity Between Metaverses, Mainstream Games and Web 3 Platforms

Powered by Epik’s propriety blockchain technology, the Epikverse is a first-of-its-kind virtual world experience that seamlessly connects unique Epik Prime “micro-verses” within different video games and metaverses. This bi-directional virtual world will provide an interconnected network that acts as a gateway between gaming worlds and platforms, enabling unified and shared experiences wherever the Epikverse exists.

Through this network, users can buy, sell, and trade all forms of digital merchandise and NFTs, or even enjoy a live virtual event together with their friends, all while logged in to entirely different games.

By working together with game company partners, Epik Prime invests resources, technology, and IP licenses to help build ecosystems within each metaverse. Eventually, the Epikverse aims to bring together more than 1 billion gamers worldwide to be able to share unique experiences with friends, collect and trade digital merchandise and NFTs, and enjoy additional activities across any game or platform connected to this groundbreaking metaverse universe.

Epikverse x Pax World

As one of its first projects to be announced, Epik is partnering up with the Metaverse pax.world to launch what will eventually be an ultra-unique entertainment district within the world, containing world leading brands, sports personalities, and celebrity collaborations.

Strategically located with lakefront property on the north-shore of the Island Lake, the Epikverse is surrounded by premium land estates and steps away to the one-of-four Metaserai in the world — HWKN Metasarai.

Future site of the Epikverse in pax.world

The Pax500

For only 24 hours starting on July 26th, 2022 0:00AM UTC, 500 tiles of land are being sold. This is your chance to secure land neighboring the Epikverse and make your mark in this new world built on community diversity and understanding. Become a pioneer in the metaverse by joining the 500club for exclusive member benefits.

Buy on OpenSea here.

Read the news release here.

The pax.world island is community-owned through the use of NFTs.

About pax.world

Awarded AIBC’s ‘Metaverse of the Year’, pax.world brings engaging experiences beyond reality. Pax.world is a platform that allows you to create your own metaverse and is a meta-universe that enables interested parties to develop and engage with each other within a virtual island. Within pax.world, users can build educational places and businesses and much more.


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EPIK Prime Team

EPIK Prime Team

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