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The Epikverse Joins the SocialFi Metaverse SomniLife

The Epikverse is the digital realm that unifies metaverses, games and web3 platforms.

Epik’s groundbreaking blockchain technology allows the Epikverse to bring shared experiences across a vast array of metaverses. Creating unique and seamless “micro-verses” between different video games and platforms for a sleek and user-friendly experience wherever the Epikverse exists.

Through the Epikverse, users will be able to buy, sell and trade their digital collectibles and NFTs, or even view live virtual events and concerts with their friends regardless of whichever platform or game that they are currently logged in.

Epik Prime invests resources, technology and IP licenses to build ecosystems within each metaverse, making all of this possible. Epik aims to bring this unique shared user experience to more than 1 billion gamers around the world.

Epikverse x SomniLife

We are excited to announce that the Epikverse will be part of the SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem of SomniLife. As part of the first wave of Epikverse projects to be announced, Epik is partnering up with SomniLife to bring leading brands, Triple A video games, sports personalities and Hollywood celebrity events to the next evolution of social media.

Social Network 3.0

SomniLife is a Web3 based social network and 3D Metaverse for living, socializing and building your own world. Not only is SomniLife focused on providing its users with unmatched social experiences, but also takes full advantage of Web3 interoperability and connects your multi-platform assets with Somni.

Express yourself by creating a detailed and lifelike avatar to enter and explore the virtual space. Powered by AI technology, you can make an avatar that looks exactly like you that can be customized with various outfits and cosmetics. You can even wear your NFTs as clothing items that can grant special effects such as turning your avatar into the virtual pass to enter exclusive events, groups or concerts.

Build and economy without limits

Break the physical barriers and form long-lasting partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs without limits. Brands and designers can create and release unique digital products or sponsor exciting Metaverse events all within SomniLife’s virtual space. Influencers will also be able to host live streams through Somni’s HD clubs with better features and revenue conditions than traditional social media. Mint or trade in-game NFT assets and even incentivize content creators and other active inhabitants with in-metaverse rewards.

In summary, create services, shops and projects of your choice. Support open world creation in Somni and use Somni assets on other platforms to build your own world. The sky’s the limit.

About SomniLife:

SomniLife is the Web3 Metaverse for you to live a meaningful and hyper-realistic experience in high definition, and a cross-chain open world to build amazing 3D business scenes & organize events with incentives to empower communities!

Website: https://www.somnilife.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Somni_life

Discord: http://discord.gg/somnilife

Telegram: http://t.me/SomniLife

Medium: https://somnilife.medium.com

A lot more exciting things are coming to the Epikverse. Stay updated with our latest project developments by following us on our socials on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.



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EPIK Prime Team

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