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The Epikverse Reaches U-Topia Metaverse

Epikverse Brings Interconnectivity Between Metaverses, Mainstream Games and Web 3 Platforms

The Epikverse is a first-of-its-kind virtual world experience that seamlessly connects unique Epik Prime “micro-verses” within different video games and metaverses while utilizing Epik’s proprietary interoperable blockchain technology. This bi-directional virtual world will provide an interconnected network that acts as a gateway between gaming worlds and platforms, enabling unified and shared experiences wherever the Epikverse exists.

Through the Epikverse, users will be able to buy, sell and trade their digital collectibles and NFTs, or even view live virtual events and concerts with their friends regardless of whichever platform or game that they are currently logged in.

By working together with game company partners, Epik Prime invests resources, technology, and IP licenses to help build ecosystems within each metaverse. With the Epikverse, we aim to bring together more than 1 billion gamers worldwide to be able to share unique experiences with friends, collect and trade digital merchandise and NFTs, and enjoy additional activities across any game or platform connected to this next step in this ever evolving virtual space.

Epikverse x U-Topia

Ever expanding our reach into the most creative and unique metaverse experiences, we are happy to announce that Epik is partnering up with the U-Topia Metaverse as part of the first wave of projects announced for the Epikverse. Users present in U-Topia will be able to access an ultra-unique entertainment district containing top brands, video games, celebrity concerts and collaborations from different metaverses wherever the Epikverse is present.

The Metaverse is for all

U-Topia aims to remodel the mainstream media and digital universe by creating a world where crypto enthusiasts and gamers will merge as one. You don’t need to be a crypto expert to take part in the metaverse.

Pockies are your Alpha Access Keys to all the metaverse offerings in U-Topia. Whether it’s access to the U-Topia Metaverse official game, the acquisition of lands, or any events taking place in the metaverse, you will need your Pockie! Pockies will be your cute NFT companion that will guide and help you throughout your stay in the U-Topia Metaverse. You can stake them in the U-Topia incubator or breed and produce another pockie offspring by partnering with another person. Stake, breed, and attach one Pockie to your character. Once attached, it is attached with the character forever.

The Islands

There will be 5 different kinds of islands inside the U-Topia Metaverse.

Innovation Island: Build offices and meeting places to hold meetings and conferences. This island will also serve as a startup incubation center with property-based development that will accommodate and foster the growth of tenant firms.

Music Island: This will be used to build places to bring record labels as well as attract singers to perform concerts.

Fashion and Commerce Island: This island will be used to create, craft and sell fashion items as well as put up fashion shows and e-commerce stores.

Sports Island: Be it soccer, basketball, running, etc, this island is the place of choice for fans of thrills and sports challenges.

Whitelist spots for U-Topia Metaverse’s first NFT Drop « The Pockies ». Take part in the Metaverse with your 3D avatar and attach one Pockie to your player!





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EPIK Prime Team

EPIK Prime Team

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