The power of Branding in a Voice first world!

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Over the past few years there has been a rise in voice technologies, from Amazon Alexa platform to Google Home and Apple Homepod, all the big companies are going all-in on voice. Rightly so, it’s a frictionless environment that is able to remove all obstacles for the user.

Smart Speaker Users Growing 48% Annually, To Hit 90M In USA in 2018, this rate of growth outpaces smartphones.

But what does this new world look like for commerce? As a consumer, you are currently able to buy things straight from Amazon (and now third-party apps with Amazon Pay) but because of the frictionless environment you are getting the top result on that search page shipped to your house, instead of shopping around for the brand you want, you are taking the convenient option.

Do you care where your iPhone cable is from, most likely not as long as it works, but you might care that you get your favourite cookies. You would make sure that you said “Oreo” instead of cookies because if you didn’t you might get the “Amazon” branded version of it. So as a business, you have two options for this new world of “scary e-commerce voice”.

1. You pay “X” (Amazon, Google, Apple) a bunch of money or an affiliate to the top search result.
2. You build a brand.

“In a world where there is no friction to make your buying decision, your brand is the only thing separating you from your competition!” — Mike Shoss

You are free to do number one, but we all don’t have million dollar budgets to do that and then when the technology shift to the next thing, and it will, you will have to do it all over again! So building brand is the way to go, you are able to take that money that you would be throwing at “X” (Amazon, Google, Apple) and become a household name to the consumer that you are trying to reach. You do that by being anywhere and everywhere that your customer’s eyes and ears are and create content that is native to that platform to become a name that they want to use and advocate for.

So after reading this, as a company, are your building brand or are you throwing money at the new gatekeepers to promote your product to the top? Also for my customer readers, what brand do you love and you couldn't live with the generic version of it?!

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