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5 min readMay 26, 2022


Guess what I am talking about?

Year 2022, this was after more than 2 years that we got to be at an in-person conference, and gosh, the experience! I am forced to accept that we were simply compromising when being a part of the online conferences.

I think conferences were anyway never about only consuming the content delivered from the sessions. It was majorly about the networking, the warmth from meeting people. So when we went to ngIndia 2022 event this May, it was about meeting those people from online bonds from the past two years and connecting NOT from behind the screens.

So, 21st May, I got the opportunity to speak at #ngIndia on the topic ‘Microfrontends’. Now I chose this topic because I am currently working with micro-frontends at @epilotGmbH, and what could be better than talking about the success and challenges of using micro-frontends for large-scale apps than this.

So my preparation did include solving issues related to, for example, cross-micro-frontend communication AT WORK and coming back home and trying to explain the problem and its solution from the day through my slides.

Finally I decided to do my talk in the form of a role-play with Srashti Jain to help audience understand better.

Me — I wish I could work for this company but I haven’t used X framework for a while now.

Srashti Jain (as a recruiter) — oh that’s not a problem at all! Our product is based on a micro-frontend architecture. We’d love to hire you to work on your choice of framework and build our awesome product.

Me — Wow that sounds interesting! So I don’t need to skill up in another framework (X framework) now to contribute to this product. Awesome!

microfrontends role-play

So this is how I began my talk to explain how micro-frontends made scaling up teams and projects framework-agnostic. But thats not it, I am sharing my slides here to share a sense of what was discussed, however, we will soon have the recorded talk up live and ready to be shared here.

Microfrontends presentation

My experience speaking about micro-frontends was beyond my expectations, and I had such important conversations with many engineers from the audience. Our discussions revolved around how developers could use single-spa framework to deal with their micro-frontend architecture as the top level router, around how developers faced routing issues in their current single-spa MFEs, how some developers desired to switch to micro-frontends to migrate from legacy codebases like that of AngularJS etc.

Discussion & networking sessions
Discussion & networking sessions
a happy picture with the volunteers and the attendees

The conference had more than 500 people joining in the fun, with the right element of over-coffee networking, over-lunch chit-chat, after-talk questions.

500 attendees with the organiser

Speakers from all over the world shared interesting findings during their talks. The conference was followed by an after party where the speakers and the volunteers partied together with food, drinks, music, dance and what not!
During the pre-conference dinner, the speakers were felicitated with gifts and swags from ngIndia organiser, Dhananjay Kumar.

Speakers felicitation

I always love to speak at ngIndia and looking at the love from people who attend this event yearly, I am proud to be a home grown speaker of ngIndia, saying this since this is where my foray into speaking at events to share my learning started.

My speaking moments at ngIndia

Here are some of the captured moments from the conference.

Thank you!!!

Stay tuned for the talk recordings :)



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