Where it all started..“Kadai Chicken”

Though she always tells me to keep trying, I can’t get the magic she brings to food (i am referring to my wife). She has an amazing way of cooking and she makes it sound so simple yet when I put my hands on it, it becomes complex. But still, I love cooking for her. 
This fun cooking class has been going on since our first date months ago. She taught me to cook the most amazing fish I have ever tasted and I have been cooking and following her instructions ever since. 
But now she wants me to write about it so here it goes. I always keep my iPad with me during our Skype sessions as my wife is in Singapore enjoying her life whereas I stay in the dusty city of Hyderabad. As we start we pan roast some cumin and red chillies. This was the first time me doing such a deed and I accidentally took in the heated aroma of the spices and boom. I start sneezing like crazy and turn red while my wife helplessly but stupidly sits there and laughs at me. After recovering from that session I chop up 1 large onion and 4 large tomatoes. Then chop one big capsicum and mushrooms into slightly larger pieces. Then I took a grinder and as per my lovely wife’s careful instruction, I ground 2 tsp black pepper the roasted cumin and chillies 6 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste and 1 tbsp of coriander powder and make a thick paste. 
The best part of cooking with my wife is that I love annoying her. I keep calling her names and tease her over Skype which gets her super pissed and irritated. I sometimes feel how much patience she has to put up with all the childish things I do with her. For her she is already taking care of a man and a child in one. But she is the most amazing and caring woman in my life. Lucky me. 
Okay before I forget all these quantities are for 250 to 300 gms of chicken. 
So lets start cooking she says. In a pan heat up oil and start frying of the masala paste into it. Once brown we need to put in the onions and fry it. I always tell my wife that there is not enough oil in the pan and she scolds me every time saying that it’s more than enough. Being a Bengali, I am used to a lot of oil. Okay then, we need to add the tomatoes into the pan and cook it nicely. Warning to all people who have sensitive nose like me please be careful or else you will be sneezing in the pan and then you know what your wife will say to that. 
After the tomatoes are cooked, add the capsicum and mushrooms and keep cooking it till tender. One quick tip can be to keep covering it which will fasten the process. Then we need to add a bit of water almost half a cup and add the chicken pieces to it. Mix it nicely with the masala so that it coats all the pieces of chicken nicely and cover. If you think its getting too dry you can add water as needed. And thats all folks we just need to cook that till the chicken is nice and tender. Then before serving to your lovely wife, put some corriander on the top. You can serve this with either some warm rice or partha.

The best part of cooking for my wife is the part where I taste the food and see the expression on my wife. She has the expression of a child having an ice cream and she looks so happy. Just a suggestion if your wife is an amazing cook try cooking with her sometimes. Telling you, its definitely worth it.

As my wife always says “ A way to a foodies heart is through his/her stomach”.

And she is so correct one of the reason I love my wife so much is that she is the most amazing cook in the world and I feel so proud to say it aloud to you guys. 
So I will keep writing about my food adventures with my wife and keep you guys posted. A detailed instruction will be given below with each step. Thanks you everyone for reading and remember love your wife as much as u love food. Cheers.


300 Gm Chicken
1 Tsp Cumin
2–3 Dry Red Chillies
1 Large Onion
4 Medium Tomatoes
1 Large Capsicum
4–5 Small Button Mushroom
2 Tsp Black Pepper
6 Cloves Garlic
2 Tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste
1 Tbsp Coriander Powder
1/2 Cup Water
2 Tsp Oil
1. Pan roast the cumin and the red chillies.
2. After cooled put them in a blender with the black pepper, garlic and the ginger garlic paste to make a thick paste.
3. In a pan heat up the oil. Vegetable oil or mustard oil both works.
4. Put the paste which you made in the oil and start frying it. 
5. Add the chopped onions and keep frying till its slightly brown.
6. Add the tomatoes into the pan and cook till it makes a nice gravy.
7. Add capsicum and the mushrooms and keep cooking till they are a bit soft.
8. Add half a cup of water and the chicken pieces in the gravy and stir it nicely so that the gravy covers the chicken nicely.
9. Put a lid on it and cook the chicken till tender and off course add salt as necessary.
10. Serve with paratha or warm rice.
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