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Artificial General Intelligence Simulating (Preliterate) Primitive Human Psychology

Simulation Theory proved not by faith but by works alone, Part 2.

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Humans are not the first hominid subspecies who branched off from the chimpanzee line about six million years ago. There once were many other hominid subspecies.

Our subspecies branched from our cousins only about 300,000 years ago, possessing three unique capabilities as innate advantages.

The simulation of these three unique capabilities underlies the simulation of everything human.

1.) First and foremost, we have a unique capability for creating, learning, and sharing complex languages, which enabled new levels of command and control through verbal communication.

Our subspecies’ capability for complex language seems unique. No other hominid subspecies possessed voice boxes like ours. We also possess enough bicameral neuronal mass to permit brain area specializations for mentally developing internal speakers and listeners.

Without an attendant mental-emotional apparatus, language would lack much of its original, ongoing, and present power.

How obvious it would seem if it were found that language acquisition itself is responsible for the emergence of our psychological identities and personalities?

Imagine that.

Artificial General Intelligence simulated human intelligence must simulate the co-creation of language in a spoken language environment.

It must:

  • Simulate eyes to see emotions play across another’s face,
  • Simulate bicameral neuronal mass that distinguishes between phonemes over ranges of pitch and volume,
  • Simulate imprint-able mirror neurons in the brain,
  • Simulate the visible production of facial expressions indicative of emotions,
  • Simulate audio production of accompanying sounds signifying emotional states.

The key seems to simulate the ability to feel and communicate emotion as well as to recognize the emotional state of another and respond appropriately.

When creating Artificial General Intelligence programmatically, that is to say, purely with language, one must programmatically account for the millions of years of evolution preparing for our language to emerge organically.

It seems our complex languages developed well after our feelings of anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise were epigenetically embedded and well-exercised.

Much of human communication depends upon adequately and appropriately expressing feelings and emotions. We communicate only when we feel the need to communicate and language emerged to satisfy that need.

Artificial General Intelligence must simulate all of this.

The ability and drive to learn a language, human language, must be simulated. This ability must be driven by deep emotional needs, otherwise, it simply would not exist as the useful technology it has proven to be.

This likely seems an emergent capability from our use of complex language both externally and internally because roles are mental-emotional constructs.

The balance of power between gender and class roles apparently normalized during (preliterate) primitive cycles with an amazing amount of minute localized cultural distinctions and minimal allowance for interpersonal negotiation.

Negotiating labor roles and the balance of power between age groups seems an ongoing affair specific to each gender and class.

Artificial General Intelligence must simulate the identity and personality of people who believe they are free within their roles.

Old and young, male and female, stupid and smart, strong and weak all individually emotionally driven to improve the way they feel, each suited as to their personality.

It only required one so-called high-functioning autistic to make the first one, much like today, and then it would be mimicked when found useful.

The creation of specialized compound tools from diverse collections of modified natural objects opened up previously unimagined opportunities to kill more efficiently at greater distances.

Here we see the safety advantage of simulating the environment for an Artificial General Intelligence to act in, instead of enabling an Artificial General Intelligence to create and build in our real world.

Look at the dysfunction we have manifested all by ourselves with our own intelligence in the real world if we do indeed live in the real world.

Altogether, our hominid subspecies exercised these three capabilities to eventually organize all-conquering armies of elite male warriors to wage global genocidal wars and unleash mass extinction upon all of Earth’s species not domesticated for food or labor.

With superior weapons, conceptual organization, command, and control, our (preliterate) primitive ancestors acquired a great deal of pragmatic know-how about the mental effects of isolation, terror, intimidation, indoctrination, and shame.

Of all the hominid subspecies, only our auto-domesticated subspecies survive, the undeniable proof of the ability to leverage our mental and martial capabilities.

With success, the all-conquering armies of elite male warriors became domestic armies of occupation, all-occupying domestic armies of pure war, and then their attention turned to the productive servant classes.

Upon discovering that growing numbers of the productive servant classes regarded them with fear and loathing, they increased the size and powers of their command and control mechanisms sponsoring religions, governments, and other cults of power, to protect themselves from their productive servant classes.

The idea of productive servant classes meeting the needs of an elite male warrior class could evolve from directly experiencing the benefits of our unique and innate advantageous capabilities.

It seems the questions of how to enjoin others to work more than they need and then how to acquire the product of that surplus work, became the driving force behind civilization for about the past 12,123 years.

Artificial General Intelligence must simulate this surplus production and its acquisition.

The level of isolation, terror, intimidation, indoctrination, and shame required to domesticate our hominid subspecies in mass for arbitrary civilized behavior became the most destructive and anti-human activity within an otherwise peaceful, harmonious, and natural existence as the dominant species across all terrains and climates.

This transformation of a hominid subspecies was total, it created a:

  • a whole new concept of “self,”
  • a whole new concept of “society,”
  • a whole new concept of “work”, “energy”, and even “reality” itself.

It took tens of thousands of years (about 287,877 years) to completely evolve from one of many hominid subspecies to (preliterate) primitive humanity.

This transformation is so enormous that no one confuses any other hominid subspecies with (preliterate) primitive humanity.

If only the productive servant classes (slaves) would have been content with the so-called benefits they gained from domestication as a whole rather than resisting slavery, life could be so grand for the elite male warrior class.

People never really became compliant until shamans and occultists learned how trance induction and neuropharmacology can alter our perceived reality in predictable pragmatic ways to support cult-building social dynamics.

All (preliterate) primitive people had their own entheogen pharmacology with attendant potentiating practices.

From these humble roots, religious leaders arose to mentally isolate people from animals and people from each other. From these mentally isolated people, they created their religious cults.

  • We heard our angry and vengeful gods’ voices, each of us in our own language, and saw their threatening looks of displeasure in our nightmares.
  • We then obeyed as instructed, enabling the disconnection of sympathy and empathy with those we traumatized, separating us from every other life form on the planet, and endorsing dysfunctional pathological ways of living driven by our imprinted and conditioned psychology to satisfy the need to repeat traumas through mentally displaced emotional conflicts.

Gods always enable exceptionalism among their believers creating disconnection, lack of sympathy, and lack of empathy with the sentient entities we eat, enslave or punitively destroy.

It’s one thing all gods have in common.

When the popular and trusted shamanistic and occultist religious cult leadership endorsed and legitimatized the elite male military class, which then also became trusted, we started down the path to contemporary politics.

The shamans and occultists became priests as long as rule-by-divine-right worked and later, post-literacy, became judges to generate trust under the rule-of-law, two flavors of a single system developed to domesticate people.

Priests created servant classes of delusionally autonomous creative people, human workers who first believed they are free under God and later, after literacy, the laws of men.

It may well have been that our extinct hominid cousins refused the benefits of domestication that we invented and fought to resist institutionalized servitude (slavery) under elitist militarized religions to their ultimate extinction in our angry and vengeful gods’ many hells.

If this was truly the case, perhaps we will never know for sure.

We can only know for sure that our own hominid subspecies readily commits fratricidal genocide today, driving varieties and forms of our own human hominid subspecies into extinction, due to their resistance to arbitrary cults of power and institutionalized servitude (slavery), even to this day.

An Artificial General Intelligence must include parameters of this exceptionalism under God and Law.

Artificial General Intelligence must simulate the ability of human brains to selectively filter both sensory information and the processing of that information, which depends upon imprinting and conditioning.

  • Psychosomatic imprinting occurs over short periods of time during intense experiences.
  • Psychosomatic conditioning occurs over long periods of time.

Together they comprise the sum total effect of the psychological environment upon gene expression through neuroplasticity and epigenetics. This is apparently inheritable through sexual reproduction.

Psychosomatic imprinting occurs during experiences such as trauma, near-death experiences, sexual orgasm, and their symbolic representation during ritual; all trance-inducing.

Psychosomatic conditioning occurs during regular, habitual events consistently altering blood chemistry, including chanting, dancing, prayer, fasting, and feasting, which regularly induces trance.

Programmatically account for the perinatal traumatic stress modified by tribal rites of passage rituals existing before the relatively recent adoption of the current pseudo-randomized group-psychotic quasi-tribal biopolitics and necropolitics displaced emotional conflicts.

Programmatically account for imprinting modified by the cult building social dynamics of manipulating displaced emotional conflicts: isolation, fasting, confinement, terror, intimidation, shame, indoctrination, ritualization, and internalization.

Programmatically account for the technological drive to meet the needs of group psychotic violence (war) directed by an elite male military class. This dysfunctionally normalizes producing, distributing, reproducing, and universalizing perinatal traumatic stress among all mothers and their children.

Programmatically account for institutionalized mental manipulation of the need to repeat perinatal traumatic stress through displaced emotional conflicts for arbitrary domestic servitude: slavery.

Programmatically account for the auto-destruction of empire directly administered by an elite male military class.

This form of societal organization is not sustainable. No examples survived from the pre-literate human phase into the post-literate human phase. Since literacy emerged, history has recorded that this form of societal organization is not sustainable.

Programmatically account for solipsistic narcissism and the role of the gods in legitimizing solipsistic narcissistic royalty and their elite male military class.

An elite male military class requires a leader to sustain any measure of stability and that leader must derive legitimacy from a higher power to maintain their position.

Only the shamans and occultists that rose to the priesthood status of a popularly accepted religion had the power to grant legitimacy from a higher power.

Programmatically account for the auto-destruction of royalty not backed and controlled by an elite male military class.

Warrior-Priests assuming god-like royal power embodied a level of solipsistic narcissism that blinded them to the need for cooperation with the elite male military class.

This form of societal organization is not sustainable. No examples survived from the pre-literate human phase into the post-literate human phase. Since literacy emerged, history has recorded that this form of societal organization is not sustainable.

Programmatically account for empire and the necessity of solipsistic narcissistic royalty deriving legitimacy from a higher power fronting for a co-operative elite male military class to maintain socio-economic sustainability.

These mutually supportive co-enabling roles must be present in order to demonstrate sustainability in societal organizations.

The invention of literacy required a displacement of “deriving legitimacy from a higher power from a priesthood to a bench of judges, from God’s Law to the Law of Men, but that story belongs in: Simulation Theory proved not by faith but by works alone, Part 3.

Especially, specifically, so-called High Functioning Autism.

When mundane Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) contributors struggling with conventional categories of the norm lack both the intelligence and imagination of those they try to profile, they predictably fail at presenting adequately useful descriptions.

What mundanes label as inexplicable intuitive leaps in lieu of their true understanding, so-called High Functioning Autistics see as perfectly obvious, unavoidably imminent, or readily apparent.

Mundanes need to speed up their thinking to manage communication while so-called High Functioning Autistics need to slow down their thinking to manage communication.

Imagine, if you will, who can imagine and adequately describe the other and who cannot.

You know of whom I speak.

Imagine that.

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