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Epoch Eclipse

Earth Is Becoming Arrakis

Are we destined to become the planet of Dune?

Image by the author. More on Instagram.

CO₂ was 421.59 parts per million (ppm) at Mauna Lao, Hawaii, on February 14, 2022, a level unprecedented in millions of years. CO₂ levels are even higher at high latitudes north with levels approaching 430 ppm at Barrow, Alaska.

Science fiction post-apocalyptic dysfunctional dystopian cyberpunk worlds have often played against the background of a devastated desertified planet. The worlds of The Matrix, Judge Dredd, Akira manga, Ghost in the Shell anime, Gunnm manga (Battle Angel Alita), and Bladerunner are just the first that rise in my mind.

The Metaverse is not building out post-scarcity domains today. What we are seeing today is the groundwork for corporate dystopias with programmatically derived scarcity that encourages rent-seeking by the oligarchic elite.



To move forward, to have a future, humanity must acknowledge and account for the dysfunction of the normal. The current state of the world, produced by humanity as a whole, proves the dysfunction of the normal.

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Jay Greathouse

Bootstrapping my work on DAO Data Unions Running post-scarcity domains in the Metaverse with NFT sales.