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The Future is Attempting to Save Us: Part 1

Time travel across the Garden of Forking Paths creates parallel worlds for us to inhabit.

Image by the author preparing for NFT drops. More on Instagram.

In a heavily forested area of the North American Pacific Northwest, a small single file convoy of intimidatingly armored Corporation personnel carriers cruises on a single-lane dirt road sandwiched between a parallel row of chainlink fences topped with concertina razor wire.

After the convoy rumbles past an artfully graffitied colorfully psychedelicized sign identifying property belonging to the Microcrap Corporation, two characters toting large bags and clad in All-Season All-Terrain™® camouflage Ghillie suits startingly appear and stealthily approach the outer fence.

Finn, an android from the future that resembles the celebrity Dwayne Johnson from the previous century efficiently searches the area beneath the politically disfigured sign, obviously a work of détournement by Mothers for a Safe Genetic Future, and quickly locates a camouflaged trap door hidden in the forest debris.

On your toes. Closing out Microcrap in this timeline in the Garden of Forking Paths eliminates the chance of human extinction until past my time in this future.

ZG420, a renegade gynoid modeled after the movie star Zendaya adored in a bygone era, vanishes into the secret tunnel behind Finn and carefully closes the trap door behind them, which once again disappears within the forest debris.

May Microcrap’s end be glorious.

It’s been a little over a hundred years since climate change, pandemics, limited nuclear wars, and food riots provided the pretext for the Microcrap Corporation to militarize this isolated forest safe zone amongst the radioactive deserts and toxic industrial dumpsites in the North American Pacific Northwest.

The Microcrap Corporation failed to anticipate who could survive and evolve in the abandoned areas during seven generations of intensive persecution. The Microcrap Corporation was about to ruefully experience the survivors’ unexpectedly evolved capabilities.

At the edge of an airfield cluttered with various helicopters, a trap door surprisingly opens in the barren dirt, and the two members of Mothers for a Safe Genetic Future immediately emerge with their two large bags and wearing form-fitting Microcrap Corporation unitards.

Success today puts us on a the path to an alternate future.

Finn smoothly sprints empty-handed past the helicopters towards a cluster of industrial buildings in the distance.

ZG420 carefully seals the trapdoor, obscures it by replacing the recently displaced dirt, and the trapdoor once again vanishes from sight.

Effortlessly hefting the two large bags, ZG420 gracefully trots toward the nearest helicopter.

Finn suddenly stops a few feet from a heavy industrial-strength door secured with a profusion of biometric devices.

After Finn briefly glares with intense concentration, the red indicator lights on the biometric devices blink green.

Without hesitation, Finn self-assuredly enters through the door.

Finn confidently wends his way through a maze of doorless unmarked corridors to eventually turn a corner revealing a checkpoint embedded in the defendable architecture occupied by armed guards behind bulletproof glass adjacent to a massive armored biometrically secured gated door.

Finn briefly slows, intensely glares at the surprised guards, and after they silently collapse to the floor Finn resumes his relentless pace towards the secured gated door. In the brief interval before he arrives at the door all the biometric devices securing the door flash green.

The helicopters on the airfield burst into great balls of fire and with the all-consuming conflagration in the near distance, ZG420 passes unhindered through the once secured door Finn previously penetrated.

With an eerie detachment, Finn casually saunters through the Microcrap Corporation Cloud data center, with row upon row of computers suddenly going dark while emitting wisps of smoke.

Finn inevitably returns to the massive armored biometrically secured gated door he recently disabled adjacent to the now neutralized checkpoint as ZG420 rounds the corner down the corridor in front of him.

We’ve created a clear fork in this timeline.

Finn and ZG420 seamlessly join the disorganized mob of panicking unitard-wearing Microcrap Corporation wage slaves as they relentlessly flood the evacuation routes, driven by the exponentially destructive chaos behind them, and enveloped in a deafening cacophony of alarms and sirens.

Doesn’t that mean that the original timeline still continues?

Microcrap Corporation emergency response vehicles and intimidatingly armored Microcrap Corporation personnel carriers speed to the emergency exits disgorging terrorized unitard-wearing Microcrap Corporation wage slaves.

Finn’s psychic powers and ZG420’s superhuman strength augmenting Jeet Kune Do martial arts enable them to immediately commandeer an emergency response vehicle.

They succeed in traversing the post-apocalyptic remains of the airfield and crash through the parallel row of chainlink fences topped with concertina razor wire at the perimeter before the intimidatingly armored personnel carriers begin pursuit.

It’s not enough to merely be divergent.

At the edge of the heavily forested area, Finn and ZG420 abandon the emergency response vehicle.

When does divergence dominate?

The emergency response vehicle explodes behind them as they run through the forest to a pair of Hayabusa cafe racers previously hidden in camouflaged blinds near a forest fire road.

It’s only when divergence becomes dysfunctional to the dysfunctional norm that it becomes a beneficial alternative.

Finn and ZG420 blast down the fire road on their screaming Hayabusa cafe racers as the intimidatingly armored personnel carriers roll to a stop at the scene of the remains of the destroyed emergency response vehicle.

To be continued.

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