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Understand Before It’s Too Late

Almost every day, it seems, scientists express renewed surprise at how Nature responds to global warming.

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Scientists working for ExxonMobile decades ago correctly predicted that fossil fuel use would produce more warming at the poles than in temperate or equatorial zones.

Climate, defined as a predictable weather pattern, no longer exists. Besides the human loss of life and property, global weather extremes threaten the entire global web of life.

One can, you know, well wonder how bad it may now be.

Water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas all by itself.

Wet-bulb days occur when high temperatures combine with high humidity from more water vapor in the air.

Beyond the physical challenges lie the social challenges to the established political economies enabling all current normal human activity.

So, you understand all of that. You understand how feedbacks amplify small changes into big changes. You understand how big changes lead to tipping points. You understand how tipping points cascade, feeding back upon the entire human-Earth system and producing unexpected results.

Then you may also understand that there is currently no financial or political incentive to change direction. There is no political-economic incentive to develop and deploy technology at a scale sufficient to halt global warming.



To move forward, to have a future, humanity must acknowledge and account for the dysfunction of the normal. The current state of the world, produced by humanity as a whole, proves the dysfunction of the normal.

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