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Youth is Wasted on the Young

YOLO and today will never happen again.

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I wish that you and I were smart enough to be born into caring and wealthy supportive families.

Since those conditions are usually mutually exclusive, if not actually functionally oxymoronic, congratulations if you accomplished that. If even one of those conditions were met, consider yourself wisely informed pre-conception to have acquired that edge. If you weren’t, then perhaps you can leverage your conception and birth decisions to adopt an ND (neural-divergent) mindset. That’s your best option.

By that I mean to model the traits of intense focus and social anomie, the disintegration or disappearance of the dysfunctional norms and values of contemporary society, displayed by ND ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) people.

If your parents are authoritarian/abandoning narcissists or functioning addicts, perhaps you can find people among your extended family to take a caring and supportive interest in you. Supportive and caring teachers are wonderful but they won’t have the personal incentive or resources to see you through. You will more likely find alliances with and support from other ND ASD people.

By all means, question, if you do not outright dispense with, all forms of willingly foregoing one’s prime physical years in exchange for stability in the twilight of one’s life.

Goblin mode, the Great Resignation, or “lying flat” while surviving on continuously morphing side hustles increasingly looks like the only way to go. There is no stability during the twilight of all life on Earth that is already upon us all. Live the retirement lifestyle today.

This could also support a general strike.

Invest in yourself by learning new skills and staying alert for new opportunities. All retirees with any remaining health and cognitive capacity do this. Your youth enables you to do it now. Obviously, this implies avoiding bull-shit jobs or any jobs within a corporate structure for that matter.

The common regret among most people over the age of 23 and everyone over the age of 27 is that they pointlessly frittered away their youth, wasting an ephemeral time on inconsequential concerns.

You might not have money but you do have the time remaining for you. Invest this time well. If you can create value, you will earn. But you have to be willing to give up or radically reduce the time you put into watching Netflix, gaming, and partying, but that will also help you to live below your means. This could also support a general strike.

Living below your means then frees up money to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself includes a deep self-reflexive examination of your limiting cognitive biases and psychological imprinting. Become a person who’s ready for anything by being freed of cognitive and imprinted constraints. Consider traveling, it’s proven to widen one’s perspective. Learning mobility is not to be underestimated.

Visit the remaining wonders of the natural world just for the wonder, awe, and inspiration of it. They are fast disappearing. The time to visit them is now. See one of the last remaining glaciers. Walk among the few remaining Redwoods even though they only survive in a few isolated reserves. Swim with the dolphins before the oceans become too toxic. Enjoy the sunlight on your face before it becomes mortally lethal.

Be extremely wary of joining groups based upon misanthropy directed towards others because that misanthropy is reflexively reciprocated. You don’t need more people hating you. There are already too many who hate you just because of which groups you were already uncontrollably born into. The accidental conditions of your birth can’t be revisited, modified, or undone, only allowed for and compensated.

Especially avoid groups lead by authoritarian autonomists. They are merely narcissists leading cults of personality, they have no viable solutions. They only strive to increase the number of human shields around them, protection in the form of a group of future sacrificial victims. You will be used and abused. You don’t need that experience.

The larger the group the more suspect it becomes. There is no safety in numbers, it merely increases the likelihood of life-threatening infighting. All common resources are degrading and dwindling as you read this. There will only be enough for a few at best and that only for a short time which everyone will see quickly ending.

Personal wealth will not save you. It will only increase the size of the target on your back. Those seeking the destruction of such entitled targets are only increasing in number. The protection afforded by a group of obsequious sycophants is fleeting at best. They’re all nothing but fearful bullied cowards after all. The insecurity from the likelihood of some of them turning on you is grounded in reality.

These are the good old days especially when you are born after the generation of boomers. New technology will only temporarily benefit a few. Those left stranded outside of technological bubbles will hate you for accelerating the degradation of the global ecosystem regardless of how reportedly and supposedly green the technology is represented.

The worst-case dystopian futures predicted by ancient religions and modern science-fiction writers are all unfolding today. Perhaps you can find a nice place from which to watch the world burn. Good luck with that, sincerely.

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