Relaunching The Signal

Over the past eleven months, The Signal team have been quietly testing a new visual design system for various projects, including an overhaul of our flagship publication, which we officially relaunched on January 1st.

Giving A New Home To Our Signature Interviews

If you’re familiar with our old publication homepage, you’ll immediately notice changes across the board.

Besides the visual refresh, we also developed new features to help you better navigate through our interviews, including most-requested features like keyword search and table of content for articles.

Revisiting Our Mission

As our team was growing bigger and we began taking a wider range of projects, from creating “Penn’s version of Cards Against Humanity,” to giving students a chance to present to the mayor why Amazon should choose (well, should have chosen) Philadelphia as HQ2, it became increasingly necessary for The Signal to establish a concrete mission. Before setting our redesign in motion, the team dedicated meetings to reflect on our purpose and mission.

The Signal began as a publication that encouraged the exploration of unconventional career paths and creative passions at Penn. Today, we are a collective of creators, designers, writers, and everything in between, with the goal of enhancing the undergraduate experience for all students. We provide resources to help students discover their passions and live deliberately at Penn, in their careers, and beyond.
Slides From Fall 2018

The Style Guide

Most of our projects have strong online presences, with usually one or multiple staff developers or designers on each project team. While kudos to the team for continuously delivering quality work, the visual style had been … all over the place. As part of our redesign, we created a visual style guide and a library of web components to improve unity across our designs. The guide has already been implemented in projects such as our First Year in Review (March 2018) and Deconstructing Penn Pathways (October 2018).

Open Source

As do our other projects, the redesign and the style guide are open-sourced. You can find our redesign code and Docker configuration on Github, and mockups on Figma.


We’re looking for new members in roles of Developer, Designer, Writer, and Business Operations for the Spring 2019 semester. Deadline: February 2nd 11:59pm. Application link.


Redesign Development Team: Bill He, Sophia Ye, Halil Can Memoglu, Kasra Koushan, Katie Jiang, Santiago Buenahora, Adam Ripley, Sammie Yoon, and Jerome Cohen. Content team led by Tunika Onnekikami and Kasra Koushan was responsible for adapting our past interviews. Special thanks to co-director Melinda Hu and co-founder Laura Gao. Check out our about page for a complete list of The Signal Team.

Originally published on The Signal.