How One Mompreneur Traveled for a Month with a Carry On

Pursuing your career aspirations while raising kids is a heroic act. We are spotlighting women who find unexpected solutions and rock this whole Mompreneurship thing.

Packing for a trip is the worst part of any trip. Between procrastination, a dozen plans smashed in your head, and the stress of forgetting the one thing you can’t go without, packing is a rough trade-off for escaping the routine.

It’s even harder if you are a mom — not only do you need to keep yourself presentable, you need to keep another human (or several!) presentable AND alive! Amber, Independent Younique Presenter and a mother of two boys, has employed the help of Epytom Stylist to travel light, stylish, and stress-free.

Epytom send you a daily coordinated looks with tips on how to put them together

Tell us about yourself!

I am a Mompreneur, wife of one amazing man, and mother of two fantastic boys. I find relaxation in a hot shower, five minutes before my toddler storms in wanting to eat ketchup with brownies. For fun, I like to ignore the box on our floor and count how many times my family hops over it before I decide to throw it away.

Button-down and Statement Necklace — one of Amber’s favorite Epytom looks

What prompted you to take a month-long trip with only 40 items?

My extended family lives five hours away. We believe our boys should regularly spend time with family and I have customers in the area, so we use my husband’s vacation time to visit everyone from our hometown(s). I have just started using Epytom at that time and had amazing results following its daily recommendations straight from the Messenger app, so I decided to give it a shot.

How was it different from your usual packing routine?

Usually, packing is a chore that I dread long before I ever begin and I repack each bag an average of three times. With Epytom, all my items were separated in one section of my closet, so I was able to grab them and go. I was thrilled to eliminate the list making and internal battles when I couldn’t predict the next month of weather.

How did your family react to this change before, during, and after your trip?

My husband did not get frustrated the morning of our trip, my friends were complimenting my outfits, and I was able to throw my clothing right back into my closet, be done with unpacking, and have all the time to cuddle the baby after the long trip home.

How did you feel throughout the trip?

I was, honestly, able to enjoy it more than ever! All of my outfits were fit for any occasion and I didn’t worry who may be judging me at any given moment.

Stylist tricks — right at your fingertips!

What were your favorite looks?

Definitely a striped long sleeve tee with my pleated skirt, a button-down with my statement necklace, and a cardigan with my waist belt. They were all tremendously comfortable and looked amazing.

Why do you like the idea of daily advice & limited wardrobe?

It’s a huge money saver which means I can splurge in other areas or put money in savings (cannot believe how much I was spending considering I barely shop!) I also have a hard time making trendy clothes look good with my build and Epytom provides enough wiggle room that I can pick items that fit my shape, then, look great when my daily tip tells me how to pair them.

What’s the best compliment you received when wearing Epytom’s recommendations?

I had to giggle a little… My husband said to me one day, “I’m glad you’re learning to dress yourself!” and he meant this in a totally innocent way. I have always worn jeans or sweats with a tee shirt. So, he finds it refreshing that I’m wearing things like blouses and skirts while feeling like me at the same time. Thank you, Epytom!

“When I use Epytom, I can pack my entire stash, which is huge for my business!”

What’s in your Epytom 40-piece wardrobe?

Most of my current selection, I had pre-bot. I have purchased a cardigan, pleated skirt, and statement necklace per Epytom’s recommendations. I’m also looking for a great cross-body bag, leather jacket, and velvet dress. I only swap items if one doesn’t match.

Why is it better to travel with a compact wardrobe?

Is it fair to say more room for makeup? I have a lot because I offer makeovers in customers’ homes if they need help. When I use Epytom, I can pack my entire stash, which is huge for my business!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning now vs before you started using Epytom?

My husband would usually plop down on the couch when I told him I needed to “promptly” get ready and now I no longer ask to be excused at all.

What’s your favorite makeup strategy to complement your Epytom looks?

Simplicity and a look that doesn’t budge. I love to throw on BB cream, a BonBon (very nourishing lip balm), a primer, 3D+ mascara, and spritz with rosewater to set it all.

“My husband said to me one day, “I’m glad you’re learning to dress yourself!”

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