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After 200+ todos and reminders, it’s finally here: The EQT Ventures + Superlist €10m Series Seed Medium article!

I’m very happy to announce EQT Ventures’ investment in Superlist, on a mission of breathing new life into the productivity tool market (and keeping us all sane). EQT Ventures is leading a €10m round of seed funding alongside Cherry Ventures and other angel investors.

Superlist is a task and project management app for modern teams. The tool introduces a more ‘human’ approach to how work is shared and organised. With an interface designed to be simple, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing, it allows users to have natural, conversational touchpoints with their colleagues.

Superlist’s team of founders Steffen Kiedel (CEO), Ben Kubota (CTO/CPO), Brandon Arnold (Head of Design), Marcel Käding (Head of PM), and Christian Reber first put their heads together in May 2020 to found Superlist. We support their mission to provide a simplistic, well-designed, and fully integrated tool that can function in unison with existing work tools. This flexibility and dynamism are redefining how tasks and projects are being managed in the hybrid world.

Our approach to project management and collaborative working has had to shift hugely to adapt to the demands of the hybrid environment. However, the promise of Superlist means that this will not have to be an arduous transition, but a simple helping hand to enable smoother and more agile working.

I can’t wait.

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