Beamery secures $138m C-Series funding round, as the talent management space heats up

EQT Ventures
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2 min readJun 17, 2021


The most exciting businesses we see are the ones that go after a big systemic problem with huge market potential — often creating a new category in their own right — combined with highly driven founders who are determined to build a multi-bn global business. I saw all of this in Abakar when I first spoke to him after their Series A when I was still at Huddle, after being introduced by Jan at Index to help them with their international expansion — something I had a lot of insights and battle scars around! So it was a natural step to lean in and lead their Series B after I had joined EQT Ventures, as they continued their journey and built momentum with some very large enterprise contracts that showed just how big this category could become.

So it’s with no surprise but a lot of delight to be able to continue to support Abakar, Sultan and the entire Beamery team as part of their $138m C-Series funding round to continue this exciting journey.

Faced with a rising tide of skills shortages and exploding competition it’s never been harder for businesses to hire the right talent. In this new war for talent, being “talent first” is no longer optional. Beamery is partnering with some of the world’s leading enterprises to help them build their workforce of the future, and leading the way in the talent space when it comes to helping organizations to attract and retain and grow the careers of amazing talent. It was always called a war for talent, but post pandemic, that’s never been truer.

What has impressed us about the company is that it’s not just creating a new category of enterprise software, which is exciting in its own right, but that it’s enabling progress to be made on a more macro-economic level, we all care about job mobility, equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion. Like with our investment in Handshake, we care about people, the best talent, wherever you are in the world, and getting access to the best opportunities, wherever those opportunities are in this world.

Beamery is transforming the way talented people are finding new opportunities, and how companies are finding new ways to work with great people wherever they are in the world in more diverse and more inclusive ways — leading to a more equal society globally. And that mission is pretty exciting.

We’re proud to partner with Beamery as they help organizations build their workforce of the future, and are excited for the road ahead.