EQT Ventures invests €50m in Lenus to help millions get into shape

Lars Jörnow
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3 min readJun 9, 2021


The Lenus Team

Today, Lenus announced its €50m Series A investment by EQT Ventures, the largest investment the fund has done to date. Lenus was founded in Copenhagen 2016, and is a platform for health coaches, enabling them to scale their business and ultimately prevent more people from lifestyle related diseases.

An estimated 3.2 billion people worldwide are overweight, defined as a BMI of 25 or higher. That’s an unbelievable number, and unfortunately it’s growing every year. Obesity can lead to dangerous diseases like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

At the same time, there are probably thousands of companies in the world trying to tackle this problem through various approaches. But despite millions of downloads of fitness-related apps, so far none of them have been efficient and successful enough to even make a small dent in the trendline (it’s actually just increasing).

Lenus Health is on a mission to be real difference makers, as the company that enables fitness coaches around the world scale their business and help more people reach their goals. The average health and fitness coach today can help 20–30 clients simultaneously to get into shape. With the Lenus health and fitness platform, those same coaches can scale their impact significantly without sacrificing quality.

The scalability of Lenus also means that coaches can finally make a great living from their business, where their time is valued based on the impact of the hundreds of clients, instead of an hourly fee.

And it’s already working. Today, hundreds of coaches are using the Lenus platform to help tens of thousands of people to get in shape. The average customer has lost 564g of weight per week when being guided by a Lenus coach, this is an incredible result.

The Lenus team, led by co-founder and CEO Bertram Thorslund, has managed to build the company to this point without any significant funding.

EQT Ventures’ €50m investment to support Lenus scale internationally is the first institutional investment into the company, which is very rare for a company at this stage and with this much success, but it speaks to the passion, dedication and success of the Lenus team so far. This is just the beginning.

With thousands of coaches around the world joining Lenus in the coming years, we at EQT Ventures are not only excited about the prospect of building a global winner with Lenus, but also that our impactful investment will help improve the lives of millions of people, and possibly play a part in reversing the trend of increasing lifestyle related diseases globally.

Want to join the journey? Check out Lenus’ career site