On EQT Ventures’ investment in Reworks, developing games that spark creativity and imagination

Lars Jörnow
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2 min readApr 23, 2020


If you grew up in the early 2000s playing computer games, chances are that you probably tried out one version or another of The Sims. Still going strong with a passionate fan base to this day, the franchise became pretty popular with its sandbox video game series, selling more than 200 million copies over the last two decades.

A big part of that success came from how it enabled players to design and decorate their virtual houses as if they were IRL. People would (and still do to this day — see below) spend countless hours playing the game just to achieve the perfect look and feel of their dream homes.

Taking this interior design micro-genre to the next level, Reworks has recently released its first game — Redecor — which offers people a place to play, explore designs, find inspiration and connect with others who share their passion for home design.

A hybrid between a mobile game and home design app, Redecor is built on top of Reworks’ Replay platform, a unique mobile 3D engine and content platform, which enables photo-realistic quality and next-gen 3D customisation for their games.

When Ilkka (CEO/co-founder) — a serial entrepreneur with a track record of assembling great teams — reached out to show us Redecor in 2019 during the soft launch phase, we immediately saw the potential in what Reworks was working on and how unique it felt compared to other games in the market. The combination of the team’s strong development culture and mission, with really impressive engagement numbers from their beta had us hooked, both on the game Redecor and the company Reworks.

And today we’re very happy and proud to announce that EQT Ventures led the seed round in the company. We are confident that Reworks will be yet another mobile gaming phenomenon coming out of Finland following the Sisu tradition of creating super strong, lean game studios that can create global hit games.

Time to explore our inner interior designers… game on!