EQT Ventures leads Hiber’s $15m Series A to enable the next level in community created games

Lars Jörnow
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2 min readJun 30, 2021


We’re happy and excited to announce that EQT Ventures is leading a $15m Series A for Hiber (www.hiberworld.com), one of the fastest growing community driven gaming platforms in the world. With their proprietary game engine, Hiber enables players to create their own social gaming experience without any need for coding, which means that the amount of people in the world who can create their own favourite game is exploding.

Hiber recently reached a massive milestone: 1 million experiences created. This is a massive achievement for a young company and community, and at EQT Ventures we are convinced it’s just the beginning of what could become a global gaming community for hundreds of millions of players over the coming decade.

At EQT Ventures, we’re particularly excited about:

  1. Hiber’s vision to bring people together through creativity, play and self-expression. Playing games has always been a social activity between humans, and with Hiber’s ambition to enable many more people to create experiences together without the need for coding skills fits perfectly with our own ambition to invest in game companies that strive to become an integral part of mainstream culture and communities.
  2. The Hiber team’s passion to relentlessly build and iterate on the platform, on the backs of a strong culture of collaboration, innovation and respectfulness. This week for example the team teased its brand new game engine, and there are so many needle-moving new features coming soon that we’re not yet ready to announce here…
  3. The timing to build a 3D games community by and for Gen Z’s, who have grown in a world where smartphones, Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon Go and TikTok are the norm, now there is a new thirst for the next social experience where they can combine play with forming new friendships through collaborative creation.

Game on!

Ps. Hiber is also hiring! Check out: https://careers.teamhiber.com/ for all the new job openings.