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On EQT Ventures’ appointment of Doreen Huber as Partner

EQT Ventures Partners: Ted Persson, Doreen Huber, Ali Mitchell, Ashley Lundström, Lars Jörnow and Laura Yao

We are excited to announce that Doreen Huber has been hired as Partner following a busy year of investment in 2021. Doreen’s appointment bolsters our European VC profile with her extensive global expertise and reflects our ever-present commitment to excellence among our partners.

What’s more, the new hire brings our representation at Partner level to a 50/50 split, symbolic of our strong commitment to equality and meritocracy within the organisations.

Doreen joins us as one of Germany’s most respected business entrepreneurs and food technology experts, having founded her first company at 23. As founder and CEO of food-tech startup LEMONCAT (acquired in 2019 by Rocket Internet’s B2B Food Group), Doreen built a marketplace and SaaS solution for the European catering industry. Previously she was COO of food delivery unicorn Delivery Hero, currently valued at over €10bn.

Last year, we added 29 portfolio companies and participated in 22 up-rounds, bringing our total number of investments to over 100 companies. In total, the company took part in 51 investment rounds in new and existing companies, averaging more than 12 per quarter. Crucially, out of the 29 investments made last year, 93% were in Europe. The surge in funding rounds across Europe has marked a shift in tech investments, with the region’s start-up scene flourishing more than ever before.

In her new role, Doreen will focus her efforts on continuing to grow the global team, helping EQT Ventures’ founders expand to and invest in new markets, with a particular focus on her specialist expertise in the food tech space.

In the words of Lars Jörnow, Managing Partner: “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Doreen as Partner. Doreen’s extensive and hugely successful track record speaks for itself and I believe that the sky’s the limit for what she will be able to achieve in her new role on the team. Just like the rest of the EQT Ventures team, we think that Doreen’s vast experience leading and growing tech companies will be of immense value for the coming generations of European entrepreneurs.”

Doreen herself adds: “I am very happy to be joining the EQT Ventures team, having always known that the company already has a strong profile in the food tech segment with successful investments. As an angel investor, I have been supporting start-up teams for years in successfully building their companies, so I’m pleased to be able to do this with even more focus now.”

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