Welcome Sandra Malmberg to the EQT Ventures partnership

Lars Jörnow
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3 min readMay 30, 2023


Today, we are happy to welcome Sandra Malmberg to the partnership.

Since joining our Stockholm team 3.5 years ago, Sandra has been on somewhat of a rocket ship trajectory. She hit the ground running and has been involved in a dizzying 17(!) investment processes, been instrumental in setting up our climate and “Sustainable Industrials’’ strategies, and more recently, also initiated and led a whole new data-led Discovery product under our Motherbrain umbrella (that I can tell you more about at another time). As if this wasn’t enough, she’s also helped sharpen our branding, marketing and event practices. As you can hear, she’s an investor, founder and marketer in one, we got a good deal 🙂

Sandra represents a new type of VC investor. As Venture Capital is evolving and we no longer just invest in software; new experiences and perspectives are required. With a background in innovation and marketing of not just digital products, but also physical dito, Sandra is native in both molecules, supply chains, large-scale manufacturing as well as product strategy and storytelling. She feels as at home in a lab as behind a screen.

We asked some of the founders she has worked with and here is what they said:

Joel Hellermark, Founder & CEO, Sana Labs:
“Sandra was one of the first to see the potential of Sana and worked late nights to finalize the deal, which we signed on Christmas Eve. Since then, she has continued to be the greatest gift, supporting us with her deep conviction, thoughtfulness and curiosity. I’m positive we would not have seen the same progress without her uncompromising support.”

Raffael Wohlgensinger, Founder & CEO, Formo:
“We are very happy Sandra found us. If there’s one thing that defines her is that she radiates so much positive energy! She deeply shares Formo’s passion for food and sustainability and we couldn’t be happier to work with someone as mission aligned as Sandra. Since day one of the “EQT x Formo’’ journey, she has always been here for us to offer tremendous support and guidance. Sandra is one of the most exceptional investors out there today; we especially admire her emotional intelligence, operational experience and integrative mindset”

Soon-to-be-announced stealth founder & CEO:
“As a company in the formation stage, Sandra was not only instrumental in preparing us for the investment process, but also helped us with the branding and positioning of the business. Going over and beyond what can be expected from a VC partner, Sandra not only helped us with introductions to co-investors, but also to close the deal. Every meeting with Sandra is a great energy boost that will help us focus and raise the bar further.”

We agree with Joel, Raffa and whoever the third person is — Sandra is one of the most driven, curious, fastest, ambitious and empathetic people we’ve met in tech. In many ways she has the traits that we’re looking for in founders. She has been pushing the boundaries of what VC could be since the first day she set foot at EQT Ventures, and we can’t wait to see what founders she and thus we will team up with.

A warm “keep up the good work” from the whole EQT Ventures team to Sandra. Well deserved.