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EquaCoin FAQ

Frequently asked questions

First project and wallet

What is EquaCoin?
It is the currency (token) of the homonymous project launched in 2017, based on the Waves blockchain and which made possible the development of subsequent projects, namely the wallet, the Unconditional Universal Basic Income involving popular issuing currency, the Equacoin Ecosystem, the Liquid Democracy for the issue and monetary control and the dedicated eCommerce platforms.

Bitcoin, USD-N (Neutrino), EquaCoin, EquaNet, script USD, script EUR, script CHF, script Nigerian Naira, script Shekel, script Indian Rupia,
script Colombian Pesos, script Brasilian Real, script CFA Franc, script Sri Lankan Rupee.

Further coins are also available for user-groups that have requested them (for example clubs, associations, etc.) -

The universal income

What is universal income?
The Universal Unconditional income project allows any citizen (natural person) residing in an economic area among those covered by the service, to receive a monthly income in script money that can be used into the economic zone. To receive this income, you need to open your wallet, create an account and copy its address on the Universal Basic Income request application form. No formalities are currently envisaged, nor documents or other bureaucratic procedures. Always verify that the wallet is being downloaded from what is currently the official EquaCoin website to prevent anyone from stealing your wallet SEEDs.

Equacoin ecosystem and EquaStores

Where do I find a list of sellers willing to accept, at least as part, script currencies?
The Equacoin Ecosystem is divided in “chapters”. Once a chapter achives the planned number of citizens, an experimental e-commerce platform is released. We name those platforms “EquaStores”.
They are only an example of what citizens can do with script money.

Accounting and Taxation

I’m a non-professional seller, what I can do?
It depends on you country laws. Check them with an accountants.



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