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How to defeat a cashless world

Mario Draghi, talks about a new possible bank crisis in eurozone able to stop ATM and cash withdrawal, at least 5 days long. I suggest to get prepared for cash shortage and blocked bank accounts as prelude to a cashless world.

“When banks extend loans to their customers, they create money by crediting their customers’ accounts.”

Sir Mervyn King, former Governor of Bank Of England during a speech in 2012

The evidence is that commercial banks create money (and capital) out of nothing.

“In the latest years, some analysts have emerged who are evaluating the possibility to change current money creation system by private banks and to substitute it with another one which would let every citizen deposit their money at central banks.” [2]

Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñezm former governor of Bank of Spain
Narendra Damodardas Modi, First Minister of India, followed bankster’s cartel advise to introduce a cashless economy using some tricks to convince the population



The EquaCoin community implements an economic ecosystem, formed by peer-to-peer transactions and buy/sell e-commerce platforms. Members use a multi-currency, multi-account wallet to interface blockchains and can also apply for an Universal Basic Income.

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Gilles Champollion

Investor, political observer, blockchain enthusiast, bitcoin early adopter, EquaCoin supporter.