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How to open an EquaCoin wallet

EquaCoin released its custom wallet powered by Waves blockchain. This is a brief guide to create a new account to store and manage EquaCoin and other recognized money.

How to do it in brief

  1. Waves platform: how to register a file with accurate timestamp, using the new EquaCoin wallet. With this new service it is possible to give a reliable timestamp to any document or multimedia file like contracts, gentlemen’s agreements, articles of association, books, trade marks, storyboards, toons, songs, video and so on.
  2. EquaCoin a democratic cryptocurrency. All of us talk about money but few really understand what money is and why there is no historical experience of a democratic coin. EquaCoin is the first cryptocoin managed by a decentralized blockchain able to finance projects with no loan interest, that can be created on demand with a democratic consent.
  3. Back to Democracy using the Blockchain and a bit of Aikido. The democratic creation of a new crypto-currency named EquaCoin will consent people to breed an EquaZone to recover its sovereignty usurped by commercial banks during the last century.
  4. BANKS are stealing our future — How to put an end ? The European Central Bank is not able to stop the crisis started in 2008, why? Is there a lack of macroeconomic models? Yes, of course, and it is under our noses since a century.
  5. Is the blockchain immutability a human right ? Once we leave our money, identities, organizations and justice, ruled by the blockchain, may we have the right to claim its “immutability” during time?