How to open an EquaCoin wallet

EquaCoin released its custom wallet powered by Waves blockchain. This is a brief guide to create a new account to store and manage EquaCoin and other recognized money.

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4 min readApr 9, 2019


How to do it in brief

Once connected on the EquaCoin home page you can access the wallet via the menu choice on top-right of the screen. Be sure to allow your browser coockies and avoid to clear them once terminated a session.

Select “ New Account” and the browser will show following advice:


I suggest to copy, right now, the proposed seed that will be absolutely needed to connect to your account from another device or browser, in the future.

Pay attention to avoid to add any character after the last word of the seed.

You can have a backup of your seed later, but copy it right now and store in a very secure place.

Pay attention: with your seed anyone can access your wallet.

Complete the form with your nickname ed a strong password (at least 10 characters, symbols and numbers). The password will only preserve your account on your device, it is a local password.

Click on “REGISTER” to gain the acces to the wallet dashboard.

You have terminated the account creation process and are ready to explore one of the most powerful blockchain wallet available at today.

Your new Wallet address will be found on top of window:

You now can share your account address in order to receive your first wire from other users.

To copy the address simply click on it or click on the “QR” menu item, it will be showed the QR Code to be read by other devices:

Once terminated your session, you can relog clicking on the account created as follows:

Enjoy your Wallet !

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