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USD-N (Neutrino) in your Equacoin Wallet

New Equa 0.2.9 has been released.
The wallet is now ready to manage USD-N the neutrino cripto currency, backed 1:1 with US Dollar, and stabilized with a smart contract. On next release it will be also possible to stake using EquaNet and USD-N.

How it works

Staking is considered to be a cheaper and less risky way of partaking in a blockchain network’s validation process. On top of that, it is an environment-friendly way of potentially earning passive income in the digital asset markets.

The EquaCoin project uses the Wavesplatform blockchain.
Waves blockchain consensus is achieved via Leased Proof of Stake.
Investors can leverage their crypto via staking. They only need to buy the eligible tokens, holding them on their accounts and will receive the passive income on a daily or weekly basis.

To learn more about the project, click here.

Stay tuned using our Telegram channel.

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The EquaCoin community implements an economic ecosystem, formed by peer-to-peer transactions and buy/sell e-commerce platforms. Members use a multi-currency, multi-account wallet to interface blockchains and can also apply for an Universal Basic Income.

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