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Debate Moderators Must Ask About Democracy Reform

Next week, 20 Democrats will take the stage in the first 2020 presidential primary debates.

Though we can’t be sure about much regarding the debates, there is one thing about which we are absolutely certain: The moderators must ask the candidates about their plans to fix our broken democracy. And we need your help to push the moderators to ask about reform.

Because our call for reform is stronger when we join together, we organized a coalition of diverse organizations and sent a letter to NBC demanding that they ask this critical question. You can find the letter here.

Our letter has already struck a chord in the Beltway. ValueWalk wrote a feature piece on our effort, available here.

But now we need your help to magnify the impact.

We need to show NBC and the political establishment that voters really do care about democracy reform and that they want to see candidates promise that it will be an administration priority.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Record a video of yourself answering the question:

If you were moderating the first Democratic debate, what question about corruption in Washington, DC and making our democracy work better would you ask the candidates?

Then post it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #askaboutdemocracy

We will compile all the responses and share them with NBC before the debates.

And make sure to retweet our call-to-action so others can participate in this campaign, too.

Together, we will make democracy reform central to the debate stage.



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