The Other 94 percent

If you voted for Donald Trump during the primaries. This is not for you. Go ahead, I’ll give you a second or two to hit the back button or click on something else…

Okay, now that it is just the other 94 percent of us that either voted for someone else or that did not vote at all in the primaries, it is time to get real. Donald Trump cannot be President.

I do not mean this in the sense that we cannot let him become president — even though that is precisely what we should do — but rather in the sense that he is incapable of being our President.

The electoral college was won by Republicans and for many good reasons, but Trump is not a Republican. He is “the Donald” and there is no chance that he will ever change from the ill tempered, horribly inexperienced, despot that he has proven to be time and again.

Let me ask you something. If you are sick, do you go to a mechanic? No, you go to a doctor. The same logic applies here. If you want someone to lead the United States, then you do not empower a despot, when all you really wanted was a candidate that was outside the political establishment.

If you only voted for Trump in the general election it is time to stop pretending that you are obligated to keep defending what was actually your second, third, or even very last choice just prior. If you are part of the other 94 percent, then you need not get bullied into accepting a candidate that only 6 percent of America propped up.

This really is one of those break-glass-in-case-of-emergency kind of moments. I understand that most of us probably just want to move on. Most also think there is nothing else that we can legally do, but that is wrong. There is one final circuit breaker that our founders foresaw for protecting against situations exactly like the one we find ourselves in today.

The Electors Trust is a legal defense fund and advocacy project with the goal of hitting the pause button on what could very well be the most important decision of our generation. With just 37 out of the 306 Trump electors, we can create a deadlock that would send this election to the Republican controlled House — where each state would get just one vote.

With Republican control, it is indeed possible that the enough states will ignore all the signs of despotism and continue with electing Donald Trump. Yet, through the sheer act of doing something that has never been necessary before, we can give the House one massive reason for serious reconsideration — the 2018 elections.

On the path to deadlock there will be many that argue for one-person-one-vote, which would ensure that the popular vote is upheld. Others might argue votes for a moderate Republican that had received a reasonable portion of the Republican primary vote.

Personally, I believe that we should honor the general election and only consider the top three popular vote recipients. Despite the best attempts of the media to portray Gary Johnson as an unserious candidate, his middle-of-the-road willingness to compromise may be just what America needs right now.

Regardless of our differences, the only real priority for right now is to hit the pause button before the electors cast their ballots on December 19th. With less than two weeks to spare, we will have to mobilize faster than we ever have before. So please, support the Electors Trust now and help tell the other 94 percent that this is truly the last chance to #StopTrump.

The Electors Trust is a project of EqualCitizens.US