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Aug 15, 2018 · 3 min read

The web browser was a major force during the adoption of the World Wide Web beginning in the early 90s. Mosaic and Netscape paved the way for what we see today in regards to browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In the same essence, wallets are integral in facilitating adoption of blockchain into the future. Why? Blockchain protocols such as Ethereum are quite complex to the new user, much like the impact browsers had, wallets act as a portal into blockchain. Offering simple user-interfaces that make blockchain protocols much more accessible and provide the ability for users to interact with such protocols in a simplified manner is key to adoption.

The Ethereum Network

The Ethereum Network is continually growing but the blockchain industry is still very much in its infancy. Focusing on Ethereum is vital for EQUAL as the wallet developed is specifically aimed at providing users the ability to explore the Decentralized web. The most common opinion with outsider cynics is that the traction in ICO projects declined following the 2017 ICO boom which saw $6.1 Billion USD raised over the course of the year. That number has already been eclipsed in 2018 where $6.28 Billion USD has been raised as at the 8th of August 2018.

The growth since inception is quite evident. Unique Ethereum addresses since 2015 reaching over 40 million at this present time. That is growth of over 10 million unique address per year that is created. As the industry grows, we will continue to see tools that originally dominated the market be outperformed by new and further optimized projects. EQUAL aims to alleviate the current problems in the wallet market in order to both facilitate and harness growth on the network.

The problem with blockchain and decentralization is the complexity surrounding its implementation and use. At EQUAL our aim is to break down that complexity to a point that regular individuals can utilize the technology as well as experienced blockchain users.

Introducing the EQL Wallet. Your central hub to your Ethereum Assets.

Here are a list of the EQL Wallet features:

  • Send Ether or any token

These features are aimed at breaking down the wallet market into its most simplified form. The EQL Wallet will provide a full financial portfolio flexibility coupled with Web3 injection in order to interact with DAPPs, DEXs and investing in ICOs. We now live in an era where blockchain has received a huge amount of publicity over the past 12 months. Yet, the optimization of the tools that enable entrants into the market has yet to reach an acceptable level for further growth. At EQUAL we believe we are the next step in optimization in order to create the level of adoption and ease of use that eradicate the complexities involved with the technology.

This is a part of a series of articles detailing the EQUAL Project and the problems our team aims to alleviate as we approach our imminent launch. Please follow along as the series will detail much more about the features within our Wallet and DAPP Store that will unify the Ethereum Blockchain. Click here to see the Series.

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Explore the decentralised web.

EQUAL Network

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Explore the decentralised web.

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