How to ensure DPC access for employers

Ameeth Reddy
Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read

The first question any employer asks when assessing a new healthcare plan/program is: “What does access look like for my employees?” With direct primary care, this critical question is tough to answer, especially if an employer has employees spread out geographically. It’s even harder to understand how much DPC might cost on a per employee basis.

Today, we’re excited to announce something we built to get to the heart of this question: Access Analysis. Armed with employee data, you can now use the industry’s first geographic accessibility product focused exclusively on direct primary care to measure employee access and cost within minutes — for free.

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Access means opportunity, choice, and convenience

Employers want to know that their employees have doctors near them and that as many employees as possible will have access to the plan. Whether they’re adopting the plan to help improve employee health or happiness, or to reduce healthcare costs, employers care about equality of opportunity and adoption rates. Plus, they don’t want to be/can’t be in the business of dictating what doctors employees have to go see. Similarly, employees expect choice and convenience. They’re not going to start using a new service unless it’s easy for them to do so and they have a say in how they use it. Before you even propose DPC to your client, this product allows you to easily get informed and start off on the right foot.

How to use Equal’s Access Analysis tool

After you’ve created your free Equal benefits advisor account, go to Access Analysis and click on Create Analysis. You’ll be prompted to enter some basic information about the client, and then upload employee information to help us calculate distance and cost. Don’t worry — there’s a template to help you format the data correctly!

Simply upload the CSV file and that’s it — within minutes you’ll have a custom analysis to help you and your client answer the following questions:

We believe direct primary care is the future of affordable, effective health care and it starts with you and your clients. I hope this helps make your life easier as you work to set up your clients’ direct primary care program.

Want to learn more about how it works, or have feedback for us? We’d love to hear it — you can email me at I’d be happy to get you set up or schedule a demo to show you more about how we help make it easy for employers to set up, offer, and manage direct primary care as an employee benefit.

Equal Health

Easy, affordable direct primary care for your employees

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