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By The Good Men Project Editors

Greetings from The Good Men Project’s Medium publication “Equality Includes You.” This is our first periodic newsletter. In this and future newsletters, we will highlight stories submitted by contributors, we’ll offer a few writing prompts, remind you how to submit your content to our assorted publications, and we’ll invite you to participate in our community.

Featured Stories

How To Support Feminism as a Man in the Workplace: How allies of women can address gender inequality in the workplace. — By Quy Ma

Most men probably believe in gender equality and strive for it too. But gender inequality, especially in the workplace, is systemic and widespread. Men have to go beyond agreeing with the idea of gender equality and being active participants in the fight for it. While it’s morally important to pursue gender equality, there are economical advantages too. Collectively, women are powerful and influential, helping drive the economy. (Click the title to read more.)

What Happens When You Lose Everything? How To Recover After a Major F**k Up: Welcome to the Dread by Michael J Mc Cusker via Agents of Change (@2ChangeAgents)

Do you ever think about decisions you have made that have shaped your life? These decisions you can look back on with regret or happiness depending, on the outcome. During 2014, I made some monumental decisions, which, in hindsight, would create a sequence of events that saw me hit rock bottom. These decisions would see me lose a business, friends, a whole professional network, the family home, credibility, and a large part of my own identity. It is true what they say, it takes 20 years to build your credibility and only 20 minutes to ruin it. These decisions were made during a time of great personal stress, but that’s no excuse for my actions. (Click the title to read more.)

10 Ways White People Can Help Make Black Lives Matter: #BlackLivesMatter is a tribe to end oppression and embrace equality. All people welcome here. by Michelle Grewe via Agents of Change (@2ChangeAgents)

With the overwhelming overabundance of racist stories plaguing our media, two stories within a week of black men being murdered by police, and a story of a man fed up with the injustice enough to murder police, many of us want to help. Many of us are done crying. Many of us are done being angry. Many of us are done being silent. Many of us are done dying. (Click the title to read more.)

Why I Couldn’t Properly Come Out Until I Fell In Love: Everyone’s coming out story is different. For me, it was years of awkwardness before everything clicked. by Louis Dennis

Why should I have to make a statement about my sexuality when nothing had really changed anyway; I was not ready to go on the dating scene, nor experiment, and I was more depressed than ever. I was attending regular therapy sessions and taking heavy antidepressants. Therapy did little to help; I was not ready to help myself. Looking back on it, I thought everything had been wrong in my life, but really, I only had one problem affecting my whole view of the world and how I fitted into it. I had not yet accepted who I was. (Click the title to read more.)

Writing Prompts

To help keep your creativity flowing, we offer you the following writing prompts related to social justice and ethics. Take them and make them your own.

  • Tell us about a community member who works tirelessly to affect social change. (Don’t out them if they are not public about their activism.)
  • How have economic and political realities affected what it means to be an American of any gender?
  • What are the economic motivators for the human trafficking industry and how can we good people counter them? Can we make human slavery unviable economically? What awareness program does your neighborhood run to prevent the horrors of new incidents of human trafficking?
  • What stops us from standing up against discrimination?

Read this story for details on how to submit your writing to one of our publications.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories! ❤

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