India is Soon to be a Sri Lanka through Triple Taxes!

Indian Economy is going to dwell in the ocean of bankruptcy like Sri Lanka unless it cuts the “Triple Tax” formula.


The current inflation rate is >15%” in the current financial year (and it is the highest ever recorded in Indian history). It helps the drama dialogue writer’s famous quote “Rich becomes richer, poor become poorer” come true.

Labour Class in India

Only a portion of India constitutes the developing label. People from underdeveloped regions move towards the industrial hubs around them to thrive. So, most firms (small & medium scales) employ these people (for minimum wage — that’s the only opportunity).

CG’s Economic Activities

The government is playing cards with people’s minds, and there’s doubt among the economists “whether this government can think from an economist’s POV?”


Reviving the economy from a disaster is a huge step, and the high level (authorities) have to work on the low level (as they run the economy). Based on that and discussions with a few economists — few are discussed,



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