The Re-Initiating Power (Dirty) Politics in India

Kishore Vishwa
Equality Includes You
4 min readFeb 4, 2022


Image from pexels-rodolfo-clix

It took 73 years for Indians to review their path and take a second look at where they were traveling & how to regain their lost superiority over common sense.

Not since Independence (1949), not from the European Invasion, and certainly not from any medieval period — the feudalism in India has been prevailing longer than that.

Such age-old practice has slowly getting eradicated through the help of education and many cultural & political reforms in India through various leaders. 100% eradicated? Nope! But the processes were evident through government schemes in bringing the lower end of the society to higher ground.

It’s a long process of bringing the suppressed to schools & colleges (to which they have banned entry earlier), making them complete their education throughout (by giving aid & welfare), and setting themselves as examples for others in their community to move higher. Everything is not easy — as the power and ordinance have to get passed from the ruling community (basically, the oppressors).

The government has succeeded only up to a maximum of 6–7% in a span of 73 years, grumbling through hindrances. It might even take a 100years to reach at least 15%. But this time, the battle will be tough. Well! That depends on how much the oppressed are ready to fight back for what they dreamed.

The highlight about the 6–7% upgraded oppressed is — they are sitting on powerful, decision-making roles like Judges, Lawyers, professors, government officers, and in various high-profile orders.

It has stirred up the oppressors as they had to comply with their archaic servers (Ego is a good friend without sense). So, they started to eye on the power that had left their hands and began their focus on grabbing it.

Will it work this time? Well, that’s purely a question to ask themselves.

The world has become achievement-oriented and focuses on moving a lot quicker. Kids & youngsters want to achieve & settle things in their younger age — Previous generations considered it their lifetime destination.

Educated & thriving communities have one goal — to move higher. It acts in every aspect of getting a quieter community to live in, comparably high standards in education for their upcoming generation and earnings. If they started making more money, they would try to leave India.

It’s typical peer pressure in almost every individual who would think about their future in India. Power won’t easily eradicate that (as we still have to dwell with the trash. So, making money could be the ultimate answer, and the younger generation will always focus on that.

If you were brave enough to think that this peer pressure will act on the youngsters to always keep their focus on making money, and the power won’t help them in reaching that sooner — Let me remind you one thing, 95% of people who are thriving for power — gets implied from their parents. Those parents have already provided it or would be able to provide that.

So, the necessities to distract from power are already down. What else could stop them from reaching their future in power politics? Well, the answer is the “Future” itself.

Would we reach a new planet by 2050? Nope! We’ll be in the same crime-riddled, garbage-filled, discrimination-driven shi*hole of the world. There will always be the requirement to play power, and dirty politics will rule.

To compete in such a surrounding (to have at least a voice to lend out what we want to say), we must be in that power politics — which should be achieved by satisfying; or by full-filling the needs of the desires.

We are having quite a challenging time for the lower end of society (once again) — where the children have to cope with the virtual world and the struggles of the real world.

The virtual world and its interference are inevitable. The bummer — discrimination, division, harassment, stalking, and all the crimes we hear today would still be there, but with the worst effects (technically doubled).

Everyone is just thinking about the experiences they are undergoing now — the sooner they enter virtual, they will be seeing it, and that would hit harder than now. The acts of comparison and the effects would be evident like never before.

The oppressors would have more powerful options to dominate and outperform everyone while still thriving for power underneath. Technology will now offer more influence to anyone than before.

While this gets played on the upper ground, the lower-ground would be the least considered group of people diversified through movie stars, caste politics, and many unwanted counter developing mechanisms, which helps the rich by milking them for their benefits.

There’s also another class of people lying between these two — the Middle Class. They won’t participate in both much and least enjoy developments or thrive for some.

There’s only one rule to escape this rat hole — by accomplishing greatness (either through power or through money). Until then, the disabilities of human minds continue to ruin lives on a large scale in India.