Substance of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

It has been a little while since I read the great book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I’d say it is a really good book because of the following touching points that were emphasized through the book.

  • We do have priorities, and invariable that’s ourselves. Then comes our love, which of cause are our loved ones. We are in a race having hope in future but having no feet in the presence. Forgetting everyone around us we seek success with no joy.
  • We do need success but forgetting everything we love and committing every happiness we have doesn’t really worth it.

    In the book it is greatly emphasized and the Lawyer who seek success at last collapses with an artery popping out. But he then realized what life meant to be after a nice visit to a monastery where he masters meditation and some good qualities.
  • Concept of “Call” this is something beyond a literal call which we might feel like a turning point where you get a sudden intuitive feeling of your life and where it should go. This is something that is really good to know because it’s without our notice we have lost so many calls in our lives.

    The lawyers call was his heart attack but by then he has lost his family life over his success in law carrier. He might have gone through so many calls for a turnaround. Thus it is a really good lesson for us to take in hand and move on.

Ideas from the book, not the entire but the gist.