ANNOUNCEMENT: Good News, Our ICO Has Been Extended Until 30 June 2018

EQUI Community, Crypto Investors and Venture Capitalists

Over the last few months it has been our goal to develop the EQUI Capital vision of building a solution, the EQUI Platform solution, to bridge the gap between exciting investment opportunities and cryptocurrency investors who previously would not have had access to those opportunities.

During this period we raised more than USD$7,000,000, and received an unbelievable amount of interest and constructive criticism from investors, advisors and our community, further validating our vision, but at the same time giving us a lot to think about.


As our vision has grown, in an ever-shifting market, our offering has expanded significantly to provide a much broader scope of opportunities for our investors, through the EQUI Platform. For this reason we have engaged with Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert advisors and partners to work with us to support this vision and make it a reality.

Many of their sentiments matched those of many of you, who have given us feedback, when it comes to the necessary skills and support required to launch our Blockchain Investment Platform successfully.

In light of this and our expanded vision, we have made a number of important decisions that you need to know about:

1. New Partnerships

  • CoinFabric, an ICO launch & capital raising agency, has come onboard to assist us in rolling out our ICO and communication strategy from here-on, along with helping us to expand our platform’s capabilities.
  • BlockchainAdvisory, a group of blockchain advisors and cryptocurrency experts, is helping us to truly understand how the EQUI Platform can effectively utilise Blockchain, as well as ensuring that our traditional methodologies meet the new and improved methodologies of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency era.

2. Improved Platform Opportunities & Roadmap

With the feedback from the community and our new advisors, our goal is to drastically expand the scope of the investment opportunities that will be accessible by you on the EQUI Platform; everything from Real Estate development, to biotech, technology and more. Watch that space.

3. Extension of the EQUI Capital ICO: 3 Months, until the end of June 2018

As the above aligns with the best interests of our community and you an investors, we have decided to extend the EQUI Capital ICO for an additional 3 months, until the end of June, while the EQUI Capital team pull out all of the stops to optimize our resources, and ramp up our operations to effectively deliver on our promises.

Also, with our promise of transparency, our immediate plans include, but are not limited to, delivering to you a vastly improved ICO Website and Roadmap; a more evolved White Paper outlining our investment expansion strategies, business objectives, project goals and so much more; a greater product offering; and an expected timeline for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which will be launched soon for you to experience.

As Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs, we understand that these decisions are significant, and while your expectations of the EQUI Platform are equally significant, we believe that making these decisions will benefit you as our community, our investors and our reputation as leading disruptors in the Venture Capital space.

We appreciate your understanding and loyalty, and know that we will live up to your expectations in delivering a world-class platform. Our team are looking forward to continuing to share our exciting journey with you in the coming weeks.

As part of our community your feedback is vitally important to us, so please contact the team on our EQUI Capital Official Telegram group with any feedback, suggestions or otherwise, and we will be happy to assist.

Watch this space: In-line with our focus on transparency, next Wednesday, the 4th of April, there will be another announcement with the updated roadmap highlighting the important dates for you to follow our progress.

Yours Sincerely,

EQUI Capital Team