Equity Invest


Equitybase has raised 5+ million during our current sells! So let me tell you a little about how the main part of our platform will work.

Equity Invest will be based on Ethereum smart contract that represents asset backed securities offering. The contact will stamp each transaction into the blockchain

Information of each investment will be included as: price, suggested hold period, target annual cash rate, target IRR, target equity multiple. All calculation of returns is based on suggested hold period on each specific deal.

— Type of offering
 — Funding Amount
 — Suggest Hold Period
 — Target annual cash rate, target IRR, target equity multiple

The system will automatically create all associate data for the contract and will create the securities token offering participation associated to it to allow investors to purchase them. Securities token offering will represent the shares on each project created. Each investor will be able to exchange or liquidate their holdings for the property’s participation through our equity exchange platform. Securities token will also be able to trade inside equity exchange platform. This allows all investors to be able to transfer or sell to gain liquidity.