Equitybase: New Player in Real Estate Investments.

In this article we will go over an amazing platform and how it can be used!

What is Equitybase?

Equitybase is a Real Estate platform that uses a new Ethereum Smart Contract(ERC20) based ecosystem that applies blockchain technologies to the global Real Estate investment industry.

It lowers barriers to entry and increases market liquidity with transparent pricing, by giving greater access to global investments and real estate.

Equitybase offers an effective and direct model of investing and securing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency; by generating rental income, value appreciation and hedging to the less volatile and growing real estate market.

Do they have a whitepaper?

Yes, they do! The whitepaper can be acquired through email on their webpage.

Who is it for?

Everyone and anyone who is interested!

Equitybase is simple: give everyone the opportunity to invest directly in high-quality real estate.

Why should I invest?

Historically, real estate has proven to be one of the best-performing investments. However, often times large portions of the profits from projects ended up mostly in the pockets of institutional investment partners (who in reality acts as middleman standing between real estate investors and the actual people whose money was being invested).

Without the middlemen combined with the liquidity of a stock but earnings of a private equity investment, Equitybase will offer a diversified real estate investment platform available directly to anyone online.

How and where to go to start?

Simple, just go to Equitybase’s page to get started!