Equitybase’s Feb. 26 News Update

Here in this article I will discuss about what you can do for your stakes in Equitybase. Round 2 of our airdrop, our referral program, our on going bounty program.

Airdrop Round 2

Due to round 1 of airdrops being extremely popular with 5000 subscribers in the first 24 hours, we are discussing to expand to round 2!

Soon you maybe be able to claim your tokens by signing up through our website.

Show your support for round 2 at: https://twitter.com/equitybaseCo/status/966841735409123328

Referral program

Simple, refer as many friends, family or just people that might be interested in our cause and win $14,000 BASE tokens! Refer and rank check at http://equitybase.co/referral.

The main system for earning points is referring users to our whitelist through your unique tracking link. The point system takes into account your contributions and your number of email referrals. Every participant will receive a unique tracking link and will receive credit for each person they refer through their tracking link that confirms his or her email.

Offline or online, please feel free to support Equitybase’s vision of a decentralized real estate investmentsin whatever way you feel is most appropriate.

Why do we need your help?

It is critical that we build a strong community from the start, so we can reach our fullest potential. Even more importantly, we need to hear people’s feedback as we design this radical new system. We’re creating something innovative, and it’s going to impact all kinds of people from all around the world — we have to account for everyone’s perspective and interests.

How can I earn more?
Join our bounty program! Weekly sweepstakes $100+ of token in multiple categories! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2965659.0

Simply actively participating by writing a few posts weekly you can earn stakes!

Equitybase Whitelist

If you haven’t already joined our whitelist, join @http://equitybase.co.

Joining up will allow you get up to 40% tokens during the first week of our Pre-ICO sale starting Feb. 28th and ending Apr. 30th.


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