Equitybase’s Potential

Kevin O’Leary , well known business man and personality of Shark Tank, announced he will be making a $400 million USD hotel deal using ICOs. Wow, great minds think alike? We think so!

Security Token?

Equitybase has realized that it is more than just a utility token, but has the potential to become one of the first security tokens in the world. Equitybase’s platform will allow the already existing billions of dollars in real estate assets to enter the blockchain.

Now what exactly is a security token?

Security tokens represent the ownership of real world assets such as equity, debt, funds, and buildings, similar to traditional forms of financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and papers denoting ownership. However, security tokens will deliver greater access, transparency, immutability, and efficiency proof of ownership to real world assets to traditional forms of ownership.

Security tokens and ICOs will revolutionize how investments are made! Our Token is based on an ERC-20

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